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Spa Shock 2 Lb

Brand: Spa Boss®

Product Description

SpaBoss Spa Shock is the key to your chlorine or bromine sanitizers working like they should. Microorganisms don’t stand a chance with this non-chlorine shock product. You’re able to get rid of the nasty residue from soap, oils, deodorants, and other organic materials that get into hot tubs from regular use.

If you are following a regular hot tub maintenance routine (which everyone should be), this oxidizing non-chlorine shock is essential to keeping your spa water healthy, clean, and safe.

Price: $20.95


One capful holds approximately 1 oz. Add 3 – ½ oz. of Spa-Shock Oxidizing Shock Treatment per 400 gals. Of water after each use or when spa/hot tub water is cloudy. This product is not a sanitizer or an algaecide. For routine disinfection, use an EPA registered product according to label directions.

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