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Hot Tub Services

Hot Tub Services

I’m worried my hot tub will freeze!

If your hot tub has power and the water is circulating, that is good! You likely will not need to follow these precautions. If the breaker has tripped on your hot tub, or your hot tub has no power we recommend:

  • Don’t drain your hot tub! Presumably your hot tub was running at somewhere around 100 prior to its service needs, so the warm water that is in it will help keep it insulated
  • Run a small space heater out to the equipment bay (where your pumps are located)
    • Place that inside the bay wherever you can find some space (do not place in direct contact with any other components) , and turn on low speed. Place the equipment panel back on the hot tub as best possible.
    • If you are experiencing a leak at the same time, you can try to make a tent with a tarp and leave the heater outside the equipment bay, but directed towards the hot tub
  • Keep the cover closed!

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Hot Tub Service & Repair

We offer complete hot tub service repairs. From identifying the problem, our well-trained staff can handle anything from clogged filters to dirty water and beyond.

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Delivery & Installation

At Great Bay Spa & Sauna, we’re committed to a speedy and stress-free installation and delivery process. We are equipped with experienced staff and the necessary equipment — with the help of our all-terrain forklift, our Spa Dolly, or a crane — so we can install your new spa, sauna, or hot tub, no matter where you want it. We are committed to making your hot tub dreams a reality with our delivery and installation services.

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Hot Tub Winterization

Our thorough winterization process makes sure there’s no excess water lingering in your drain, pipes or filters that can freeze and cause damage.

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Standard Maintenance

Proper hot tub maintenance is important if you want to avoid costly repairs. With regular attention, your hot tub will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Build the Perfect Hot Tub

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