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Our History

Great Bay Spa & Sauna was founded in 1976 by 3 friends who spent a lot of time in the hot springs out west. They loved their experience so much that they wanted to bring it back to New England to share with their friends and family. They started out building custom barrel hot tubs and their passion and business grew from there, later transitioning to selling the more modern style tubs you see today. As the business grew, their success attracted the attention of major brands. In 1986, Great Bay Spa & Sauna partnered with Sundance® Spas to sell their hot tubs, a relationship that has remained strong ever since. While Great Bay has tried other partnerships, they didn’t last because those brands didn’t have the same fervor for the industry or the commitment to values that Great Bay and Sundance® still share to this day.

In 2003, Jamie Burson started at Great Bay as a warehouse worker/delivery driver thinking it was a short term job to pay the bills. He fit in with the culture of the company very quickly and rose through the ranks. While he enjoyed his job and had some success, he still only saw it as a stepping stone to something better. After about four years, he made his way to the sales floor working directly with customers. It is through those conversations that he found his passion and calling. The people. Sharing fun and excitement with others is one of the greater feelings in life, and he got to do it every day.

When it came time for the owners to retire in 2019, they wanted to sell to someone who cared about their company customers as much as they did. That is when they decided the best way to do that was to sell to an employee. After careful consideration, they approached Jamie about purchasing in the summer. Without a question, he jumped at the chance to buy the company that he loves so much. It was the perfect decision for both as Jamie continues to strive to carry on the values and commitment.

Our Promise

We are not just a company that sells products for profits. If we were, we would have picked something much easier to sell than hot tubs and saunas. We are a company that sells products that we use, have a passion for, and believe in. Our promise to you, the customer, is that we will do our very best to ensure that you are not only happy when you walk out the door, but are happy for the full life of your purchase. We don’t just want you to buy our stuff. We want to share the experience with you. Because that’s what this company was founded on, guided by, and will continue to prove for as long as our doors are open. So don’t be a stranger. Stop by and see us.