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Swim Spa Resources for Buyers

Swim Spa Resources for Buyers

Discover the ultimate destination for swim spa buying information. The Swim Spa Learning Resource Center for Buyers is a comprehensive web page filled with resources to make your buying journey a breeze. From informative and engaging community questions to in-depth blog posts and articles, you'll have access to everything you need to make an informed decision. Empower yourself with the knowledge to find the perfect swim spa!

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Swim Spa Maintenance

General Swim Spa Buying Resources

Discover your ultimate destination for swim spa buying information. The Swim Spa Learning Center is your comprehensive online resource, packed with valuable information to simplify your buying process. From insightful community discussions to in-depth blog entries and articles, you'll find everything you need to make an educated choice on your next swim spa. Equip yourself with the expertise required to discover the ideal swim spa for your needs!

Community Questions

Get your questions about swim spas answered! Our Community Questions section showcases questions asked by fellow swim spa customers!

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    Installation Timeline

    When you're installing a swim spa, it's important to plan and prepare meticulously to guarantee the correct positioning, electrical connections, and water supply. We strongly recommend bringing in a professional installer to make sure your installation is both safe and efficient.

    Scheduling of delivery day and time with delivery team

    The delivery team will work with you to determine a day and time that is suitable for delivery and installation, taking into account any scheduling restrictions, access issues, and other factors. You should be prepared to provide the delivery team with any necessary information, such as the location of the swim spa and any special requirements or considerations. Once the delivery day and time have been confirmed, you can expect the delivery team to arrive at the agreed upon time to complete the installation.

    Delivery team placement of swim spa on chosen platform

    This process involves carefully maneuvering the swim spa into place, ensuring that it is level and secure on the platform. The delivery team will take into consideration the weight and size of the swim spa, as well as any obstacles or access restrictions that may impact the placement process. They will also ensure that the platform is sturdy and capable of supporting the weight of the swim spa, as well as any additional weight from water and users.

    Installation of any accessories

    The installation process of a swim spa typically involves the installation of any accessories that are required for proper operation. These accessories can include items such as filters, pumps, heaters, and lighting systems, among others. The delivery team will be responsible for installing these accessories according to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring that they are properly connected and functioning as intended. They will also perform any necessary testing and troubleshooting to ensure that all of the accessories are working correctly and that the swim spa is ready for use.

    On-site water chemistry class

    After the swim spa has been installed and all of the accessories are functioning properly, the delivery team will typically provide an on-site water chemistry class to educate you on how to properly maintain and balance your swim spa water. This class will cover topics such as adding chemicals, testing the water, adjusting the pH levels, and addressing any other water-related concerns.

    Electrical wiring by an electrician (unless using plug n play)

    Swim Spas typically require electrical wiring to connect the various components, such as the pumps, heaters, and lighting systems, to a power source. This wiring must be installed by a licensed electrician who is knowledgeable and experienced in working with electrical systems. The electrician will determine the electrical requirements of the swim spa and will install the wiring according to local building codes and electrical regulations. This may involve running new electrical circuits, installing electrical panels, and connecting the swim spa components to the power source.

    Filling and powering on the swim spa by the customer

    The final step is to fill and power on the swim spa which is typically the swim spa owner’s responsibility. You will need to connect a garden hose or other water source to the swim spa and turn on the water supply to fill the swim spa with water. You will also need to add any necessary chemicals to the water to help maintain proper water chemistry. Once the swim spa is filled, you will then power on the swim spa by flipping the switch or pressing the power button, which will activate the pumps, heaters, and other components.

    Hydropool Overview

    Hydropool presents three outstanding, award-winning swim spa collections! Executive, Aquatic, or Play? Discover the ideal swim spa that suits you and your family's needs!



    This swim spa is designed to maximize the Cross Training Experience. Built with versatility in mind easily enter from all four sides into the perfect pool. Weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your pool. Bring an all-season swimming experience to your backyard.


    The Play swim spa is designed to maximize the swimming area so that you can focus on having fun with your family. Entrance from three sides allows customers lots of versatility when installing this unit in their yard.


    The Aqua Trainer is a pool, hot tub, and aquatic gym all in one. This swim spa allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money, and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool.

    Didn't Find the Perfect Hydropool Swim Spa?

    If you haven't found the perfect Hydropool swim spa yet, don't worry; we're here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about our swim spa collections, features, or anything else, we're ready to provide you with the answers you need. And if you want to experience the Hydropool difference firsthand, you're welcome to try one out for yourself. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to helping you find the ideal swim spa to meet your needs and preferences.

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    Recommended Swim Spa Accessories

    Take your swim spa experience to the next level with our selection of swim spa accessories. From essential items to fun additions, we've got you covered. Conveniently shop online and have your items delivered right to your door, or stop by our showroom to see the full selection. Elevate your swim spa experience today with our recommended swim spa accessories.

    19 DTFX

    19 DTFX

    Sale: $4,995

    Price: $5,995

    Booster Seat

    Booster Seat

    Price: $56.65

    Faucet Adapter

    Faucet Adapter

    Price: $3.95

    Smartop Swim Spa

    Smartop Swim Spa

    Sale: $5,596

    Price: $6,995

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