Taking a dip in your swim spa is the ultimate way to feel refreshed after a long hard day at work. Unless, of course, your spa is dirty, and you need to do even more work just to make it swimmable.

Fortunately, with Hydropool Swim Spas’ self-cleaning technology, that will never be a problem. You can rest assured that no matter what you’re doing, your swim spa is constantly keeping itself fresh, clean, and fully swimmable at all times.

If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, then just check out this guide to the Hydropool Swim Spas’ self-cleaning technology, and we’re sure it’ll make a believer out of you.

The Hydropool Swim Spa Self-Cleaning System

Hydropool Swim Spas self-cleaning system

The Hydropool Swim Spas self-cleaning system consists of five different pieces of swim spa sanitizing technology. We’ve listed them all below, along with some useful details about how they can make your life easier and your swim spa swimmable.

Filtration Jets

We know what you’re thinking: all swim spas have filtration jets, so what makes these so special? Well, these aren’t just any filtration jets. They’re part of the Serenity Clean and Clear Micro Filtration System.

The jets are strategically placed to maximize water filtration efficiency and ensure that your swim spa’s water is totally cleaned multiple times every day.

High Flow Skimmer and Pre-Filter

Getting your swim spa’s water clean begins on the water’s surface. All of that random debris that finds its way into the spa, and all of the oils that come from swimming in it, are no match for this skimmer and pre-filter combination. It also prevents bigger and more intrusive debris from getting into your pump and heater and causing a clog.

HydroClean Floor Vacuum

HydroClean Floor Vacuum

Swim spas can’t just be cleaned by skimming off the water’s surface. The floor needs plenty of attention, too. That’s where the HydroClean Floor Vacuum comes in.

It works in tandem with your filtration jets to remove all of that unpleasant dirt and grit that can collect along the floor of your swim spa, and it also helps to circulate your cleaning products more effectively so that dirt and grit don’t have a chance to stick.

Pressurized Micro-Filtration

Just because you can’t visibly detect any dirt, grime, debris, or oils in your swim spa doesn’t mean that none of it is actually there.

With the Pressurized Micro-Filtration system, HydroPool Swim Spas can deep clean 100% of your swim spa’s water every 40 minutes. It also offers the option of introducing ozone, which will drastically reduce the amount of sanitizer you have to use to keep your swim spa sparkling clean.

Self-Clean Mode Indicator

As we said, it’s not always a sure thing that your swim spa is perfectly clean just because it looks swimmable.

However, with the HydroPool Swim Spas Self-Clean Mode Indicator, you can rest assured that your self-cleaning technology is hard at work clearing out all that dirt, grime, debris, and oil so that your swim spa is fresh and ready for a swim whenever you are.

Customizing Your Watercare System

Every swim spa owner has different wants and needs when it comes to keeping their water sparkling clean, which is why HydroPool Swim Spas doesn’t just go for the one-size-fits-all approach with their self-cleaning technology. You have four different self-cleaning customization options when it comes to your swim spa:

  • HydroPool PureWater System
  • PurEssence WaterCare System
  • EZWaterCare System
  • Automatic Chemical Feeder

If you’d like to know more about exactly what these customization options have to offer, then reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. One thing is for sure, though: each and every one of these water cleaning systems is sure to make owning a swim spa a much more enjoyable, refreshing, and relaxing experience.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in learning about HydroPool Swim Spas’ self-cleaning technology or about any of the amazing swim spas we have to offer, then contact Great Bay Spas to speak with a  representative or schedule a visit to our showroom today.