Homeowners who pause before buying a swim spa often have many questions about how they work and their value. But considering many people dream of an inground pool, they are often curious to know if they can have a swim spa installed.

Fortunately, the answer is yes — you can easily install a swim spa either above ground or in the ground! Let’s take a closer look at swim spa installation, how professionals install an inground swim spa, and some ideas for incorporating them seamlessly into your existing landscape.

The Benefits of Inground Swim Spas

Swim spas are already an excellent choice if you’re a homeowner looking to save space in your backyard. Having an inground swim spa gives you even more opportunities by combining other elements of your property with the swim spa.

A great example is connecting your swim spa with a deck to make the ultimate entertainment area on your property. 

The added flexibility in placement means that, while you might have to endure some construction to get the inground swim spa, you’ll have something that genuinely feels like a part of your landscaping rather than just something you bought and added to it.

Above-ground swim spas also have aesthetics that go against them for many homeowners. An inground swim spa will completely hide some bulkier equipment and mechanical components for a better overall appearance. 

outdoor swim spa with crystal clear water, surrounded by a modern wooden deck and comfortable loungers

An inground swim spa is a fantastic middle ground compared to an inground swimming pool. You’ll still have the seamless, sleek look of an inground pool without the extensive excavation and even more astronomical costs.  

Inground swim spas are also much safer and accessible for those with mobility issues. Since there’s no need to worry about stairs or ladders, it could be the solution for those who struggle with mobility but want to use the swim spa as a therapeutic way to combat that.

Most inground swim spas can be used year-round, too; there’s no need to shut the spa down just because the weather doesn’t agree. You can relax in your swim spa even in the winter because inground swim spas are appropriately insulated and maintain consistent temperatures.

About Inground Swim Spa Installation

Installing an inground swim spa is similar to installing an inground pool in that you’ll have to work with professionals to consider every aspect of your land. This includes plumbing and electrical that are running beneath the ground, as this can alter where you are capable of placing your pool or what you’d need to adjust to make it work where you want it.

modern swim spa, comfortable lounging chairs with decorative cushions, a large blue umbrella

Inground swim spas are more expensive than above-ground swim spas since you’re paying for the labor and effort required for excavation. If it’s been your dream to have an inground pool, but you just can’t justify the cost or hassle, a swim spa is a much more reasonable way to get a similar effect.

Why a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are significantly more cost-effective than installing a swimming pool, especially if you’re interested in inground. 

Not only are swim spas the “Best” New England swimming pool, offering year-round relaxation, but they are also more versatile. With the ability to soothe muscles and enhance mobility, swim spas serve as a haven for both relaxation and exercise catering to a variety of your needs.

Swim spas offer a much lower barrier to entry for homeowners to have a pool, both in installation and maintenance costs. Owning a swim spa is generally cheaper over time yet provides virtually the same experience as having an inground swimming pool.

But more than anything, swim spas stand out as a way to improve your health and wellness. Spas are built to help you relax and unwind. Hydrotherapy is generally fantastic for melting away stress after a long day. And to have something that can transition from an indulgent spa to a pool ready for a summer bash all in one neat package is something you just can’t find with a traditional swimming pool.

Installations Go Swimmingly With Great Bay Spa & Sauna

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