Homeowners already know how much of an edge owning a pool can bring to the real estate game. But with the housing market more competitive than ever, how else can you stand out and attract potential home buyers? You might be surprised to learn that a swim spa is an affordable option that offers many of the benefits of pool ownership at a fraction of the cost. 

Here are the many ways in which a swim spa can become one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make as a homeowner:

Boosting Property Value

Property value is one of the primary reasons homeowners invest in upgrades in the first place. The goal is to add something that will improve your quality of life and have a high return on investment (ROI) should you ever sell your home, given that it is something many potential buyers would want to have. 

To that end, people love having pools, and they’re bound to love them even more if they could buy a home with such a major home improvement already included. On top of that, swim spas can also increase landscaping appeal, especially if you find creative ways to incorporate them into your yard or other backyard elements like patios and decks. Regardless of how you plan to use your swim spa, it’s guaranteed to improve your home’s value by improving your quality of life.

Additionally, you can often recoup much of the expense of installing a swim spa when you sell your home. That being said, though, keep in mind that the value of your swim spa depends on how well you treat it. Keep it well-maintained to ensure you get the maximum benefits while you have it and when it’s time to sell.

Better Personal Well-Being and Entertainment

The other main reason for upgrading and adding new additions to your home is to increase your well-being. While you’re still living there, you must make the environment comfortable and therapeutic, and that’s a huge selling point for swim spas. They instantly give you a relaxing oasis you can slip into whenever you need to focus on yourself for a while.

swimming spa installed in a backyard of a countryside home

But even more than that, swim spas offer flexibility in how you can enjoy them. Buying a swim spa is like getting a pool, home gym, and hot tub all in one. Whether you’re more of the type to use your swim spa to do laps before work or to unwind with your loved ones with a glass of wine after work, you can control the experience every time.

Swim spas also open up some opportunities for socializing with family and friends. Throwing parties and get-togethers where you open the spa to your loved ones is one of the many joys of having one! 

Boosting Rental Value

You don’t have to live on your property to take advantage of the benefits of swim spa ownership. If you own rental properties and need to put yourself ahead of other listings, a swim spa can do just that. 

It’s particularly enticing if you rent out the home as a vacation space through an online platform like Airbnb. Many people are looking for their time away to be as relaxing and luxurious as possible. As such, promising something as lavish as a swim spa is bound to attract more attention to your rental, securing you more bookings and giving you a perfectly good reason to increase the asking price for a night’s stay as a result.

filled with crystal clear water swim spa with opened cover

Flexible Investing

Pools are undoubtedly an excellent investment. But getting one on your property is nowhere near as straightforward as opting for a swim spa. Though they still represent a significant cost to install, swim spas are ultimately much less expensive than most pools. And that opens up an investment opportunity for homeowners who can’t commit to the higher ticket price of an inground pool.

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If you’re now sold on the many fantastic qualities of swim spa ownership, we’re here to help! We’ll ensure the best sale possible so you can get the best experience while you’re living at home and the best ROI when you’re ready to move on. Contact our team to chat with us about our swim spas today!