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Sauna Heaters

Sauna Heaters

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Blackline & Water Technology (WT)

A Sauna That Changes With You

The Helo-WT line of Blackline sauna heaters provide a multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation in true Helo fashion. A multitude of sauna experiences in one single and ingenious sauna solution.

One Heater. Multiple Sensations.

Indulge in a multilayered sauna experience. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different experiences with others. With a WT-ready sauna heater it is all possible. The flexibility of WT opens up a number of opportunities for pleasurable sauna experiences that all can enjoy.

Blackline Sauna Heaters with WT

WT Stainless Steel Water Cartridge

Two Sauna Experiences from One Heater

The stainless steel water tank embedded between the elements of the sauna heater increases the humidity for an authentic sauna experience.

Gentle vs Traditional Sauna

Gentle Sauna Traditional Sauna
Fill WT water container and set temperature to: 150-175° F Use WT without water and set temperature to: 175-190° F
More humidity High temperature
Lower temperature Lower Humidity
A gentle sauna experience Intense sauna sensation
Aromatherapy available A great, traditional Finnish sauna experience

Classic Sauna Heaters

Classic Heaters. Evolving Control Technology.

While the classic sauna heaters have remained largely the same for decades, technology has made controls even more simple, reliable, intuitive, and now more accessible. Dialed controls have been replaced with digital and touch pad technology that result in a user friendly experience and less downtime for maintenance or troubleshooting and happier sauna bathers.

The Classic Line Range of Heaters

Woodburning Sauna Heaters

The Heart of the Sauna Experience

Traditional woodburning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience: the incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire... even the ritual of tending the fire. It is a heritage sauna enthusiasts have treasured for thousands of years. Captured and reinterpreted for modern living in today's Helo wood burning heaters.

The "Coanda" Effect

The patented air channeling system between the outer shroud and inner firebox allows heated air to efficiently pass through the rock chamber for faster and more even heating of the rocks. This improves steam generation and air circulation in the sauna. As the fire dies down, the firebox walls cool and the air stops rising through the rock compartment and is redirected to the side vents. We call this the “Coanda” effect. The stones retain their heat longer, providing long-lasting comfort while using firewood as efficiently as possible.

Helo Woodburning Heater Features

  • No electricity needed—perfect for cabins or remote locations
  • Outer shield finished in heat resistant paint and stainless steel (KS models) looks great and contributes to softer heat
  • Large rock capacity means soft heat/steam
  • Patented 'Coanda' air ventilation system for long steel life and quick efficient heating time (KS models)
  • Removable ash pan
  • Interior or exterior feed options
  • Chimney outlet out the top or back
  • Optional enclosed stainless steel water tank
  • For saunas from 200 cu. ft. to 1412 cu. Ft.
  • Quality construction: heavy duty steel interior
  • CE safety listed (most models)

Woodburning Heater Specifications