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Alka-Rise 1.5 Lb

Brand: Spa Boss®

Product Description

SpaBoss Alka Rise keeps the chemical levels in your hot more stable by preventing the problems that comes from erratic changes in the pH level specifically. Alkalinity in your hot tub water balances the pH levels, making sure your water is not too acidic and that other elements in the water like hardness, calcium, etc. are at correct levels. Water that has low total alkalinity levels also can have pH instability which causes problems for your hot tub’s plumbing, jets, and other moving parts. Corrosion of metal parts, staining or damaging of surfaces, and even green water can all happen if low alkalinity levels are left unattended for too long.

Your hot tub disinfectant, especially if you use a bromine disinfectant, can lower the total alkalinity levels more rapidly. Using an alkalinity increaser like SpaBoss Alka Rise easily keeps these chemical levels in the right range. Keep your hot tub water clean, clear, and safe for many uses with this product.

Price: $8.95


One Capful holds approximately 1 oz. Test the water for total alkalinity. If Bromine is the disinfectant normally used, total Alkalinity will be lowered more rapidly. If the total Alkalinity is tested low, add Alka-Rise directly to the spa / hot tub water according to the following table. 120+ None 85+ 1 ounce 70+ 2 ounces 55+ 3 ounces 40+ 5 ounces 25+ 7 ounces

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