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pH Decreaser 2 Lb

Brand: Spa Boss®

Product Description

SpaBoss pH Minus can be added by the capful to lower pH and alkalinity levels that are too high. Testing your hot tub water regularly, as often as once a day, will help you keep the levels in the safest range: pH level of 7.2 – 7.8 for most hot tub systems, and alkalinity between 80-120. Use your test strips according to the directions to keep a close eye on these levels.

Cloudy water and scaling can happen if your hot tub water has pH and alkalinity levels that are too high. Keeping these levels in the recommended range allows your other chemicals to work effectively and maintains clear and healthy water. One cap holds 1 oz of SpaBoss pH Minus.

Price: $8.95


One capful holds approximately 1 oz.Test water daily for pH and bromine / chlorine. When pH reading is above 8.0, add 2 ounces of pH Minus per 250 gallons of water. If pH reading is 7.8 - 8.0, add 1 ounce of pH minus per 250 gallons directly to the spa / hot tub. Let water circulate for 1 hour and test again.

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