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pH Increaser 1.5 Lb

Brand: Spa Boss®

Product Description

SpaBoss pH Plus is a granular pH increaser. If the pH level in your spa or hot tub is too low the water can become acidic which can cause skin and eye irritation in hot tub users. Easily raise pH levels in your hot tub when they dip too low by adding this product an ounce at a time.

Low pH levels can also lead to unstable chlorine levels, making your hot tub sanitizers ineffective. Algae, organic materials, and bacteria can all build up quickly and cause side effects such as staining, foaminess, smelly water, and more. No one wants a hot tub like that! Keeping the pH levels in the right range at all times is a key to a safe, clean, and enjoyable hot tub.

Price: $7.95


One capful holds approximately 1 oz. Test water daily for pH and bromine / chlorine. Add 1 oz. of pH Plus per 250 gallons of water if testing shows pH is low. pH Plus is readily soluble in water. It may be broadcast on the spa / hot tub surface. It requires one hour to determine if pH is within recommended range. Repeat if necessary. The spa / hot tub may be used immediately following treatment.

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