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Spa Shock 7 Lb

Brand: Spa Boss®

Product Description

SpaBoss Spa Shock is the non-chlorinated shock product that you need to keep contaminants from ruining your hot tub water and plumbing. Shocking the water regular with a non-chlorine shock keeps organic matter and bacteria from building up!

If you are following a regular hot tub maintenance routine, this oxidizing shock is essential to keeping the water healthy, clean, and safe for you and your family to use. A great non-chlorine options for you to use in your spa

Price: $53.95


"One capful holds approximately 1 oz. Add 3 – ½ oz. of Spa-Shock Oxidizing Shock Treatment per 400 gals. Of water after each use or when spa/hot tub water is cloudy. This product is not a sanitizer or an algaecide. For routine disinfection, use an EPA registered product according to label directions."

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