A swim spa can be an excellent addition to your home or property. Not only does a swim spa offer many of the benefits of both a swimming pool and a hot tub, but it also comes with its own unique advantages that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else. 

Some of the benefits of a swim spa may surprise you. Here is why your new swim spa can become a part of your home that you can’t believe you ever had to live without.

Enhanced Aquatic Exercise

Woman working out in a Hydropool swim spa - Great Bay Spa & Sauna explains what makes a Hydropool different

One of the advantages swim spas offer that neither a pool nor a hot tub can is the opportunity for resistance training — and the wide range of benefits that comes with it. Creating the perfect current for your swimming capabilities can help you to customize your exercise regimen to suit your specific needs. 

And you don’t always need to use the current to get some great exercise in a swim spa, either. The buoyancy of the water allows for all kinds of different workouts that won’t be putting undue stress on your joints. 

You’ll find that working out in your swim spa can improve your flexibility by taking pressure off your body and allowing you to stretch that extra inch.  

Quicker Recovery

If you’re feeling achy and sore from your swim spa workout, look no further than the swim spa itself for an easy and relaxing remedy

The combination of high-powered jets designed to specifically target problem areas and the buoyancy of the water can help to reduce inflammation and muscle tension, hastening your recovery and helping to increase your mobility in the meantime.

A Variety of Health Benefits

Woman relaxing in a Hydropool swim spa - Great Bay Spa & Sauna explains what makes a Hydropool different

Aquatic exercise can improve your health in a variety of ways, and swim spas elevate those health benefits even further. 

Improved Heart Health

Not only can the cardio you’ll be getting in your swim spa improve your heart health, but studies suggest that simply kicking back in your swim spa whenever you’re in the mood can provide its own restorative effects, such as lowering blood pressure. 

Better Sleep

Swim spas are also great for combatting insomnia and helping you enjoy more high-quality sleep. Soak in your spa to reduce stress and induce a relaxed state, and you may be able to get to bed more easily and stay asleep for a longer period of time.

Increased Weight Loss

A swim spa can provide an ideal way to burn fat and lose weight. Swimming accesses parts of the body that are otherwise difficult to target, giving you an unmatched full-body workout — all in the luxurious warmth of heated water.  

Relief from Stiff Joints

If you suffer from arthritis or any kind of joint stiffness, your swim spa can help relieve your discomfort. Both the hot water and the massage jets can soothe stiff joints, along with other aches and pains. These effects can last long after you’ve left the water. And should they return, you’ve always got your swim spa waiting for the next soak.   

A Luxurious Social Experience

Swim spas don’t need to be all about aquatic exercise. They’re also great for creating a place for you and your friends and family to relax and enjoy one another’s company. 

With a swim spa, you’ll enjoy all the amazing benefits of a hot tub, but with room for more guests and greater comfort. A swim spa can transform your backyard into the number one place to be.  

Year-Round Enjoyment

Man soaking in a Hydropool swim spa in the winter - Great Bay Spa & Sauna explains what makes a Hydropool different

A swimming pool can be fantastic during the summer months, but the season goes fast, and in New England, optimal swimming weather is harder to come by than in many other places. With a swim spa, however, you’ll be able to extend the swimming season into a year-round activity.

If you feel like your backyard is lacking in entertainment, then adding a swim spa can not only give you, your family, and your friends a great reason to get out there and enjoy it at any point in the year, but it can also help to beautify your property overall with its aesthetically pleasing design.

High-Quality Swim Spas from Great Bay Spa & Sauna

A swim spa can be a wise investment for your home that you can reap the benefits of for years to come. If you’re interested in adding a swim spa to your home or property, stop by Great Bay Spa & Sauna today to shop our collection of top-quality Hydropool swim spas, or contact us to speak to one of our experts.