As summer settles in, homeowners everywhere are expecting to use their backyards for everything from boisterous barbecues to quiet nights on the patio. Hot tub owners are excited for both, but are their hot tubs prepared to handle all this fun in the sun? Here’s how to ensure your hot tub is ready for the uptick in use this summer.

Start With a Deep Clean

Whether your hot tub has seen much action in recent months or not, it’s wise to start with a clean slate. This involves draining the water from the tub, scouring the surfaces to remove any grit and grime, and cleaning other components. It’s also a good time to clean the cover since it often gets dirty during the off-season. 

Check and Replace Filters

Once you have a freshly cleaned tub, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Filters are essential for maintaining your hot tub water’s cleanliness and will likely need swapping out before the summer months. 

You can also clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Still, any damage or significant wear usually means that your best move is to replace them.

Check Water Chemistry

checking water with test strip

The first step is ensuring that your hot tub is clean and the filters are ready. Once that’s done, it’s time to move on to the other important part of keeping your tub clean: the water chemistry. 

Refill your tub and test it to know where the baseline is. Then, you can add the necessary chemicals to rebalance the pH, sanitizer, and alkalinity levels. This is also an excellent time to stock up on essential chemicals. It’s generally better to do so earlier in the season so you don’t have to worry about suppliers running out later on.

Check on Accessories

Remember to check other parts of the hot tub to keep it well-maintained. The cover is an excellent example; check the cover for any tears or cracks. If your cover is damaged, you’ll probably be better off finding a replacement before summer. This will ensure that debris and dirt don’t get into your pool while the cover’s on. 

Improve Your System’s Energy Efficiency

Your hot tub will see a lot more play this summer, which means an increase in your utility bills will also be on the horizon. Fortunately, you can get ahead of this and take steps to improve your hot tub’s energy efficiency. 

This can mean everything from using the internal programming system to setting up an optimal heating schedule so that you can invest in insulation. There are many ways to enhance energy efficiency, but it’s best to look into it before summer to avoid higher utility bills and spend more guilt-free time enjoying your tub. 

Call for Professional Servicing

professional cleaning procedures collage

A fantastic and simple way to prepare your hot tub for summer is by outsourcing the work to industry professionals. A hot tub expert can help handle everything on this list, from managing the water chemistry to doing the deep clean. 

It’s a much more efficient method and brings extra peace of mind. You’ll feel far better knowing that your hot tub is in the best possible condition before you take your first dip of the season.

Do a Final Safety Check

Whether you go it alone or enlist the help of professionals, every hot tub owner should do a final check of their tub’s safety features. You should also check for elements that could make the hot tub unsafe, like damaged electrical connections. And if you have children or pets, this is when you should check on the status of safety locks and covers.

Consider Upgrades

Summer is an excellent time to think about upgrading your hot tub with fun add-ons. They don’t have to be direct upgrades, either; something like LED lights or waterproof speakers — if they aren’t already implemented into your tub — can make your summer experience with your tub significantly more enjoyable.

hot tub with shining interior and exterior led lights at night

Prepare for Any Season With Great Bay Spa & Sauna

We’re ready to get your hot tub ready for summer. If you need help with your summer prep, contact Great Bay Spa & Sauna for professional hot tub services. We guarantee we’ll make the process fast, convenient, and painless, so the only thing you have to do is enjoy your hot tub.