Hot tub covers have an essential function. They keep evaporation to a minimum, helping you preserve water. They can trap heat, which will lower your overall energy consumption. And most importantly, they provide a barrier of entry against the things you wouldn’t want in your tub, like leaves or dirt. 

If you’re concerned your hot tub cover needs replacing, it’s understandable that you’d want to know what to do next. Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs that can indicate whether you need to take action. Here are some signs that spell the end of the era between you and your current hot tub cover.

There’s Tearing or Cracking

When the outer vinyl that makes up the top part of the cover is cracked or torn, it certainly doesn’t look great. But it also affects how safely and efficiently it performs its function. Covers with rips or tears allow the heat to escape, enabling dust or debris to enter your spa. It’s wise to invest in a new cover or find a fix for your current one if this is what you’re running into.

The Cover Has a Strange Odor

The universal sign something isn’t right is a foul odor. Unpleasant smells usually indicate bacterial or mildew growth, and neither is good for your hot tub or the ambiance surrounding it. Even if you don’t smell it right away, that might be because you’re used to it. If someone else thinks it has a weird smell, take them at their word and pitch the cover before things get any worse.

A relaxing hot tub with cover on a deck surrounded by autumn scenery.

There’s Murky or Smelly Water

It’s normal to assume that if you’re having issues with your water, the water is the problem. But funnily enough, the hot tub cover could be the culprit. If you’re confident you’re keeping up with your chemical and cleaning regimen, but you’re still experiencing some not-so-nice water, bacteria could be inside the cover, making their way into your water and finding ways to thrive. 

You Have Broken Straps or Locks

Another reason you have a hot tub cover is because it’s a safety feature to ensure no one enters your tub without your permission. The straps and locks are instrumental to keeping things out, so if they’re broken, there’s no real point in holding on to your current cover. Even if it’s only a single broken strap or lock, it’s time for a new one.

Your Cover Has Gotten Heavier

Perhaps the first time you picked up your hot tub cover, you thought you were imagining it was heavier than usual. But if you feel like moving it on and off is an upper body and core workout you didn’t sign up for, there’s likely something wrong.

Covers can get heavier when the insulating foam soaks up too much water. Hot tub covers have a design that typically prevents this from happening, but it can happen over time. Waterlogged covers won’t insulate nearly as well, which might cause you to spend much more on energy costs. Save yourself the money by getting out ahead and buying a new cover before you pay the price.

gray hot tub with a cover on a wood and stone deck near a green forest.

The Hot Tub Cover Is Sagging in the Middle

The final sign clearly indicates that it’s time to replace your cover. A warped cover won’t do you any good. The excess weight in the center will pull on the corners of your cover, causing them to lift. Soon, you’ll have steam escaping, loose seals around the outside, and many other problems you could solve by buying a new cover.

The warping usually occurs if there’s been lots of weight from snowfall or heavy rains. There’s not much you can do to avoid this from happening since the cover’s whole point is to shield your tub from the elements. Still, if you do notice this, investing in a new one is probably well worth your money, so you aren’t dealing with non-stop hot tub problems.

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