Your patio furniture set can make or break the comfort and ambiance of your outdoor entertainment space. It’s an investment that often influences the rest of a deck or backyard, so homeowners want to take this decision seriously.

Fortunately, there’s a way to determine the best possible patio furniture for your space. Here’s a handy guide to what factors you should consider before making this important decision.

Comfort Is King

You want your outdoor space to be as cozy as your living room. With that in mind, it’s best to prioritize comfort since uncomfortable patio furniture will likely go underused, making it a less worthwhile investment. Thus, don’t hesitate to spend a bit more to ensure you get something you’ll love lounging on through long summer afternoons.

When focusing on comfort, review the materials of the actual seats rather than what the furniture itself is made from. This might also be an opportunity to seek out other elements that could make for a comfier experience, like ergonomic features, reclining chairs, or extendable tables for superior lounging and dining.

Material Is Queen

Cozy outdoor seating area with modern blue and white chairs around a fire table, wine served

If you consider comfort the most essential element when selecting patio furniture, then the material should be a close second. How you’ll maintain and use your patio furniture will depend on what it’s made of. 

For example, aluminum patio furniture is lightweight, making it easy to move around. Wicker is an even more common material for patio furniture due to its classic look. However, it can be more susceptible to sun and weather damage than metal sets. No matter what material you choose, weigh the pros and cons before you choose a set.

Think About Using Space

Thinking about where your patio furniture is going is partially about ensuring it can physically fit in your space. However, it’s also important to understand how it works with everything else around it. 

You don’t want a space to feel overcrowded, which might mean opting for a smaller set, like a bistro table with chairs. Just because a set can technically fit on your deck doesn’t mean it’ll be the comfiest to maneuver around. 

Outdoor dining setup with modern white and brown chairs, stone countertop, tableware, and wine bottle in a garden setting

Additionally, consider how your existing layout affects this. Don’t forget to think about things like fire pits and grills that could interfere with some more extensive options and make an otherwise expansive space feel cramped.

Consider Your Personal Style

How does the furniture set you’re eyeing work with the current aesthetic of your outdoor space? You want something that matches your current style and color scheme. However, you also want something that speaks to you design-wise. 

The ideal scenario is one where you’ll have both. Some homeowners also like to choose patio furniture that marries well with the furniture inside their home, creating a seamless design transition from indoors to outdoors.

Remember that additional elements, like the material and size, can impact how well a set complements your personal style. As long as a set meets all your other needs, you’ll find that many aesthetics, from modern to tropical, can enhance your outdoor space and create a cohesive look.

Consider Functional Needs

A seldom-considered factor is how your patio furniture will function or improve your outdoor entertainment and relaxation experience. Some patio furniture comes with built-in storage, which can be great for those who throw barbecues or have limited space. It’s also smart to think about how you’ll store the set during the off-season. 

Modern outdoor dining set with a wooden table, chairs, and bench on a sunny patio with a pool and green landscape

Functionality should also include how you typically intend to use the patio furniture. You’ll want a very different set if you plan to entertain large parties than you would if you plan to primarily use the furniture at home with your family. Knowing which is more your speed will help you determine the set size or material that suits your needs. 

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