Hot tub owners like yourself are probably used to being the resident party house among your friends. After all, you are in possession of the ultimate backyard relaxation item, which will make people want to spend time in your space and soak in your sanctuary.

However, there are some factors you should consider when planning a get-together where you’ll be using your hot tub. Here’s a quick guide about what to do for your hot tub before guests arrive.

Check the Water Chemistry

Your first course of action should always be to balance the water chemistry so it’s as clean as possible. This will ensure the water is safe and comfortable for whoever decides to take a dip. 

You’ll probably want to do test it after the party, too, especially if the hot tub is a popular spot (which it almost always is). You can also shock the water before your backyard party for added insurance that it’s sparkling clean.

Inspect and Fix Any Issues

Now is the perfect time to inspect your hot tub and see whether anything needs fixing or adjusting. You don’t want anyone getting into your tub if there is a malfunction. If you do notice that something’s wrong, call a professional for repairs well before the party’s date.

Preheat the Water

If your tub isn’t already set to a heating schedule, you’ll want to manually heat the water before your guests arrive. You should aim for a temperature of 100 to 102 Fahrenheit for something universally warm but not too warm. Double-check to ensure that your current heating schedule doesn’t interfere with your party’s preheating.

Set Up a Water Station

It sounds like a peculiar suggestion, but if your friends are going to get their soak on, it’s kind to have a spot nearby where they can easily access water to rehydrate. The warmth of the hot tub can dehydrate those who soak a little longer than others. 

You don’t have to stick with just water, either. Consider offering fun mocktails, juices, or other refreshing beverages for a more festive way to hydrate.

Prioritize Your Guest’s Safety

2 white towels with a sign next to a hot tub

Safety first is a good rule of thumb for any backyard party, so don’t neglect it when you host yours. For instance, make sure that you:

  • Let your guests know of any safety features and how to operate them
  • Establish some rules for using the hot tub 
  • Warn guests about overheating and remind them not to stay in the tub too long
  • Keep the area around the tub clear of any potential tripping hazards

You might feel that focusing on safety could risk diminishing the amount of fun you and your guests have. On the contrary, however, taking these steps will help ensure that everyone leaves your party with fond memories and no unnecessary injuries.

Crank Up the Ambiance

Now that all of the logistical details are out of the way, it’s time to get down to the real fun of throwing the party. The hot tub is likely to be a big draw, so you might as well leverage that and dress the area up with fun lights and music. If you’re throwing a theme party, the hot tub area is an excellent spot to play that up with decorations. 

You should also remember other elements that will help your guests stay comfortable. Towels are a baseline necessity for any hot tub goer. You can even set up a towel station so guests know where to go when they need clean towels.

Have Your Tub Serviced by a Professional

If it’s been a while since your last maintenance or cleaning visit, there’s no better time to schedule one than before you have a party. Hot tub professionals can get your tub clean, ensure everything is optimized and structurally sound, and help you feel better knowing that your guests have been thoroughly cared for.

Stay Ready for Any Backyard Party With Great Bay Spa & Sauna

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