A hot tub is somewhat of a misnomer — you don’t actually want the tub to be too hot. A nice, warm temperature is the most relaxing. Despite everyone’s desire to slip into a steamy spa, there is such a thing as uncomfortably or exceedingly hot. So if you’re finding the water too hot to handle, here are some ways to keep cool while you soak. 

Put Your Hot Tub in the Shade

The sun can produce a lot of extra heat, so much so that it can affect your comfort in your hot tub. It might be challenging to ensure your hot tub is always in the shade, even with a cover, but the longer you can keep it there the more control you have over the water temperature. If you’re stuck keeping your tub in the sun, you can use an umbrella or some other object to block some rays. The sun is a surprising heat source that you can work around for a better spa experience.

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Stay Hydrated

You can’t go anywhere without someone reminding you how important hydration is. Hydration and your health go hand-in-hand, and staying hydrated during most activities serves to aid in your personal comfort.

Proper hydration while enjoying a soothing soak in your hot tub can prevent overheating, so keep a pitcher of water, a cooler, or water bottles near your tub for easy access. Some spas now come equipped with built-in coolers to keep your favorite drinks chilled and easily accessible during your relaxation time.

It’s also wise to keep in mind that alcohol speeds up dehydration, so it’s best to keep a variety of refreshing beverages at hand to ensure you are staying hydrated.

Keep the Water Cool

It sounds like an obvious tip, but if it’s too warm outside, you have the capability to turn down the water temperature of your hot tub. Consider other factors like if you plan to soak midday or have a few drinks, and adjust your temperature accordingly. Depending on how hot your tub gets by itself from the outside temp, you can even turn the heater off completely. And the best part? The lower the water temperature is, the longer you can stay in your tub.

Don’t Get In Until Sundown

During the summer months, soaking at night is an excellent way to beat the heat. Not only will it be more comfortable outside with the lower temperatures, but the hot tub water will also likely be a much more consistent temperature. Follow this tip if you can’t find a way to get enough shade to cover your tub or if you feel like you’re still warm even in the shade. 

Soaking in the hot tub at sundown provides some charm and luxury you’ll never get during the day. And a soak before bed has incredible benefits for your mind and body!

Have Cold Water Handy

If you need to cool down your tub in a pinch, there’s nothing faster than tossing in some cold water to lower the temp. Adding cold water with a hose can quickly drop the temp so it’s comfortable enough for you to climb in. Note, however, that this is only a temporary fix. But if you forgot to set up your umbrella that day or are starting to feel a sweat coming on, turning on the hose is a great way to keep your soak going.

Use a Cold Compress

Cold compresses are just washcloths you submerge in cool water. You can keep these nearby while in the tub or apply them afterward to help you cool yourself down quickly. Similar to the cold water trick, this is mostly temporary, but it’s an excellent tip to have in your back pocket if you feel yourself overheating.

Set to Economy or Sleep Mode 

Some tubs have modes you can select that are meant to save energy. However, keeping your tub in this mode can also help drop the temperature drastically, and usually faster than if you leave it set to standard. This tip is the opposite of the last two — it’ll take a few days to see results. But if warm weather is coming up, keeping your hot tub cool for days could be as simple as pressing a button.

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