There is no shortage of choices for hot tubs and spas, but which brands are the most energy efficient? It is a luxury to have a hot tub, but wouldn’t it be even better if that hot tub costs you less to run each month?

Sundance® Spas are a fantastic choice for energy efficiency since the design of each hot tub lowers the energy it consumes.

What Impacts a Hot Tub’s Power Consumption?

Determining which elements use energy to run a hot tub is more than just considering the main electrical parts, such as lighting. Lighting uses the least energy. Every electrical part operating inside the hot tub plays a key role in its overall energy efficiency. Then you have factors outside those electrical components that can contribute to energy consumption as well.

For example, the tub’s vinyl-ester insulation covering the outer shell might not be sufficient enough for maintaining an ideal 100°F to 104°F water temperature. Without multiple insulation layers, the spa needs more energy to produce consistent warmth because heat radiates outward instead of staying inside the spa.

Have you ever sat inside a spa with hot spots only in certain areas? If so, you understand how uncomfortable it can be – the opposite of what a quality hot tub should do. A product that doesn’t consistently produce heat could devour more energy than expected.

Do the Hot Tubs Dimensions Matter?

The size of a hot tub plays little to no role in its overall efficiency. Imagine having two hot tub brands with the exact dimensions, pumps, and jets. Do they use the same amount of energy? Unless the same manufacturer made them, the answer is no.

If a smaller hot tub has fewer jets and pumps than usual, you can expect the product to use less power, but energy-saving technology could lower it even more. In Sundance® Spas, titanium coil heaters heat the water directly, saving energy in the long run.

SmartTub®: The Energy-Efficient Way to Control Your Hot Tub

The SmartTub® System provides you with more control over your hot tub’s functions and maintenance, including its power consumption. 

You can use SmartTub® with your smartphone, watch, and other smart devices to remotely adjust settings, such as:

  • Water temperature
  • Jet speed
  • Lighting
  • Filtration
  • Energy-efficiency modes

The latest update to the SmartTub® System introduces a revolutionary feature called Smart Heat Mode. As a first-of-its-kind technology, it prioritizes energy efficiency by intelligently optimizing heat settings. By learning and adapting to your usage patterns, it empowers you to take control of your energy consumption, allowing you to customize and adjust the amount of energy used, ultimately leading to significant cost savings while ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable hot tub experience.

All Sundance® Spas are great for hydrotherapy, lounging, and hosting guests. The difference between the models lies in the tech add-ons you prefer. Sundance® Spas are customizable, but the SmartTub® perk is essential if you’re trying to conserve power.

Does Price Determine Energy Efficiency?

The price range doesn’t tell you much about power consumption. Two hot tubs with similar jet and pump configurations but different sizes may have similar operating costs. For instance, the Sundance® Spas Marin® and Sundance® Spas Cameo® have comparable operating costs even though they are different sizes.

So, if the hot tubs are different sizes, how does each use a similar amount of energy? The Marin® may be smaller than the Cameo®, but it uses the same primary and secondary pumps. The Cameo® comes with 54 jets instead of 45, like the Marin®. The difference of nine jets doesn’t substantially affect power consumption. The Cameo® has more room for extra jets, yet it doesn’t sacrifice energy efficiency.

Curious about what else we have in stock? We’d love to chat about why Sundance® Spas’ energy-efficient hot tubs are worth a longer look!

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