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Enhance Your Spa Experience with the SmartTub™️ App

A homeowner can add few things to their house that offer more relaxation and luxury than a hot tub, but that doesn’t mean spa ownership is always a breeze. Taking great care of your hot tub requires plenty of work, and although most would agree that the work is worthwhile, owning a spa could be a whole lot easier if you had the power to control it remotely through your mobile device. Well, that and much more are now possible with the SmartTub™️ system from Sundance® Spas.

Through the power of a simple smartphone app, you can now keep an eye on your spa from anywhere provided you’ve got phone service or Internet access, and you can create your own custom settings that can take your hot tub experience to another level. If you think the SmartTub™️ system is something that could benefit you, read on.

What Does the SmartTub™️ System Offer?

With the SmartTub™️ system from Sundance® Spas, spa ownership has never been easier or more convenient. Below are the spa features it offers and some of the biggest advantages of downloading this impressive app to your smartphone or mobile device.

Remote Monitoring

With the SmartTub™️ system, you can keep an eye on your hot tub no matter where you are. Suppose you’re getting ready to head out for a relaxing hot tub session in your backyard? In that case, you can activate your hot tub with your Smart Home device. With remote monitoring, you can also check energy usage, receive notifications when a power outage occurs, and send real-time alerts and diagnostics to your spa dealer.

This technology is especially beneficial when you need to monitor your vacation home hot tub while you’re in between holidays.

Custom Settings

Hot tubs are about leisure and entertainment, and the SmartTub™️ app makes spa ownership all the more luxurious. With your mobile device, smartphone, or Smart Home device, you have a remote control for all your spa features. You can create personalized settings for the temperature, lighting, and jets, and you can control filtration and energy-saving features to keep your hot tub clean and your utility bills low.

SmartTub™️ App

Learning the ins and outs of spa ownership can be a whole lot easier with the help of the SmartTub™️ app. This program is designed to be your personal hot tub assistant. It offers an array of tips, tricks, and even how-to videos that cover all you need to know about caring for and maintaining a hot tub. And when you determine that you need the help of a professional, all you need to do is press the Click for Service button.

Installing and Connecting the SmartTub™️ App

Connecting to the SmartTub™️ system from Sundance® Spas is a quick and easy process.


You simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, register your hot tub by entering the spa serial number or using the QR code, and you’re ready to go.

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