The question isn’t, “Am I going to use my hot tub?” But rather “When shouldn’t I use my hot tub?” Surprisingly, they’re great in almost any weather, at any time of year, and the benefits of regular hot tub soaks may surprise you. Whether taking advantage of its therapeutic benefits or just climbing in to relax and hang out with friends, it’s always a good time to use your hot tub.

Will I use My Hot tub? These two are in a hot tub in a beautiful place


Perhaps the best reason to use your hot tub is stress. Not only does the warm water help you relax, but it immediately puts you in the right headspace to detach from a hectic day. A 30-minute soak helps you calm your busy brain and leave behind whatever is bothering you and making you tense. Climb into your hot tub and abandon your phone and the events of the day that are lingering in your brain. This downtime is essential to help avoid burnout at work and simply feeling frustrated by others. Soaking at night can even help you sleep better by removing your stress right before going to bed.


Suffering from muscle or joint stiffness or soreness is another prime reason to climb into your hot tub. It offers many health-related benefits that can help you feel more comfortable in your daily activities. The warm water naturally helps improve circulation, which can reduce swelling. Whether it’s a chronic issue or you hit the gym a little too hard, regular 30-minute soaks can help improve mobility and give your muscles and joints the extra care they need to function pain-free without having to resort to medication or painkillers as often.

Using a hot tub in the morning

Starting out my day

It may seem most useful to use your hot tub at the end of the day, but a morning soak has its benefits as well. A quick soak before breakfast can help you feel awake and refreshed. The warm water increases blood flow and infuses you with energy that lasts throughout the day. Especially if you’re not a “morning person,” a short dip in the tub as part of your morning routine can help you have a more productive day.


Don’t forget that hot tubs are also an indulgence. It’s somewhere different, where you can spend time socializing and having fun. Remove the distractions waiting for you inside your house and spend time relaxing and talking with friends or family in the hot tub. Catch up while enjoying a soothing hot tub soak. Add in a special iced cocktail to combat the tub heat and a few snacks and you’ve got yourself a party.

Hot tubs also provide a great way to unwind each day with your special someone. Climb in with your partner and detach from the day together. This way you’re able to really listen to each other and focus without worrying about cooking dinner, cleaning up or responding to pings from your phone.


You may think that all these benefits are great when the weather is nice, but then your hot tub will just sit idle when the temperature drops. Not true. Winter is some of the best weather for hot tubbing. Combat the cold that invades your bones and lingers even when you’re not outside with a regular soak. There’s nothing prettier or more soothing than sitting comfortably outside in a warm hot tub, surrounded by a freshly fallen snow. Hot tubs can chase away the chills of winter even faster than curling up beside by a fire.

*If you are sick do not get in the tub without checking with your doctor first!

The benefits of regular hot tub use

Soaking in your hot tub at least 15 minutes just a few times a week can help lead to lasting benefits, which include:

  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reduced muscle pain and joint inflammation
  • Relief from regular stress and tension

With these positive, lasting results, it should never be a question if you’re really going to use your hot tub, but rather what days you won’t. 

If you’re still unsure and want to see what it’s really like to sit in your very own hot tub, the team at Great Bay Spa & Sauna can help you out. With the option to schedule a free test soak, you can climb in to one of three hot tubs up and running on site. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your test.