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The most important thing you buy, after selecting the perfect hot tub, is the cover. High quality hot tub covers are an essential piece of equipment that not only keeps your hot tub in good running order for longer, but ensures you have safe, clean water each time you pop the top for a soak. Figuring out which type of hot tub cover is right for you requires some investigation. You want to make sure to not get lured in by hot tub covers that are super cheap, but rather inspect all the features to find one that protects your hot tub and keeps the water efficiently warm.

When going to look at hot tub covers, you’ll run into a few key types. These can include any of the following: 

Soft, rolling cover

These are easy to use and easy to store. Made of vinyl fabric, thin foam and a plastic vapor barrier, these covers stretch over the top of the hot tub and fasten with rubber straps. While they’re great at keeping things from getting into your hot tub that shouldn’t be there, soft covers have a low R-value so are best for inside hot tubs or outdoor ones used on a regular basis.

R-value defined: R-value is how well the insulation in the shell, floor or cover of a hot tub holds in the heat. A high R-value means heat moves slowly from inside the hot tub to the outside shell and is better at conserving energy. A low R-value means heat moves through a hot tub cover quickly, and it will cost you more to maintain the right temperature for the water.

Double-hinge, hard cover

Also known as a Tonneau cover, the hard shell on these hot tub covers make them perfect for outdoor models. They’re a bit heavier and a little harder to maneuver than a soft cover, so you may need two people to pull the cover off all the way. The hinge running down the middle though allows you to open just one side of the hot tub, which is great for a single user.

The hard cover provides the utmost protection for your hot tub and is the most popular type. It fastens to your hot tub with straps and clips and seals tightly for the highest possible R-value.

Aluminum cover

A close relative to the hard cover, aluminum covers are lightweight but sturdy. They’re designed to not absorb a lot of water, which is good, and come in a variety of colors. The heat seal is a little flimsy since the cover doesn’t skirt over the edge so they have a lower R-value than the hard cover. They’re also the most expensive type of hot tub cover and can be hard to put on without the help of a spa cover lifter.

Spa cover lifter defined: A spa cover lifter is  a device that helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly and easily. Most often, they fit onto the side of the hot tub. All you have to do is fold the cover back over a bar that installs.

Solar cover

A solar cover keeps your hot tub warm while helping to reduce energy bills. It won’t offer as much protection for your hot tub as other covers, but it will keep your water clean and hot.

Seasonal cover

These are for outside hot tubs during those long, cold New England winters. They cover the entire hot tub rather than just the top and take on the load of snow that settles on the hot tub. These covers help keep the freeze and thaw of winter off the hot tub so the cover you use the rest of the year lasts longer.

Closed Hot TubCustom covers

Custom covers are for the infrequent situations where a standard cover isn’t going to fit because your hot tub is non-standard in some way, including:

  • Being over-sized — usually more than 96 in in any direction.
  • Having an unusual shape.
  • Built with special cut outs for speakers, waterfalls, control panels or handles.

Why you need a cover

Hot tub covers have many important uses. They keep the hot tub, water and equipment safe. A high-quality hot tub cover can actually help decrease the need for regular maintenance. They also help to prevent accidents. Keeping a hot tub cover on when it’s not in use keeps children and pets from accidentally falling in and injuring themselves. This barrier also protects the water from dust, leaves and wild animals.

A cover with a high R-value lowers the cost of running your spa since you need less energy to keep it heated. It also prevents the warm water from evaporating, cutting down on the water bill and tedious process of having to refill your hot tub. With all of these benefits, you want to look for a hot tub cover that’s easy-to-use and energy efficient.

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