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Hot Tubs for Small Spaces

If limited space is stopping you from enjoying the relaxation and health benefits of a home spa, we’re here to tell you that great things really do come in small packages. It’s possible to have a hot tub even if your backyard is small: The key is to select the shape and size that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while still providing all the luxury you deserve.

Hot Tub For Small Spaces — Design Tips

A hot tub is a long-term investment that is bound to provide enjoyment for years to come, so it’s wise to take the time to understand exactly what you want and need before rushing into a purchase. Making sure your hot tub will look good is an important factor.

The image of a traditionally large, round shape comes to mind for many people when they think about a hot tub, but modern designs usually offer something for almost any space. The following design tips will help ensure your tub looks just as good as it feels.

Use Corners to Maximize the Space

Almost everyone has an empty corner in their yard or on their back patio. Corners can be a challenge to fully make use of in landscape design, but they are a perfect place to set a hot tub when your space is otherwise limited. 

Putting your hot tub in an unutilized corner will make it look less obtrusive because it’s effectively tucked away instead of taking up common space in the middle of your yard. 

Corner placement can also help create a private oasis. Fill your landscape with shrubs, climbing vines, or small trees to build a natural privacy screen, then consider selecting some night-blooming plants to make evening soaks even more enjoyable. Planting a moon garden full of plants with white blossoms or leaves will turn your corner tub into a full-fledged garden feature.

Install on an Existing Deck or Patio

Small hot tubs are ideal for placing on a back deck or patio, and a  hot tub sales team can provide all of the pertinent information regarding deck strength and proper sealing to protect its materials.

One advantage to having a hot tub on the deck is the ease of use. Just open your back door, and there it is! There’s no need to worry if your patio space doesn’t immediately provide the best privacy, as that’s easy to fix. Bringing in some potted plants, constructing a privacy screen where needed, or hanging a bamboo shade or two in strategic places can block neighbors and other obstructions from your view.

Landscape for Looks and Function

Landscaping around your small hot tub should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These tips will help:

  • Avoid plants with stickers or thorns that might make it difficult to walk around the hot tub
  • Remember to keep access to any mechanics free and easy to reach
  • Plant hedges and tall plants for privacy and to block wind
  • Don’t place deciduous plants too close to the hot tub, as falling leaves could cause its filter to clog
  • Layer your landscaping to create features and maximize your use of the space

Not only does beautiful landscaping help hide your hot tub and thus create privacy, but it also adds another layer of pleasure to using it. Fresh, floral scents combined with a delightful mix of colors and textures will truly make you feel like you’re enjoying a small piece of paradise when you’re soaking in your hot tub just steps from home.

Hot Tubs for Small Spaces — Best Hot Tubs

When it comes to choosing a hot tub for a small space, you may have more options than you realize, and such flexibility is key. Proper lighting, access to a water source, and electricity also need to be considered. Our experts can help you with choosing a model and determining its placement to ensure you are fully satisfied with your hot tub experience. 

Berkeley™ by Sundance® Spas

  • Plug and Play 120V or 240V
  • 2-Speed, 2.0 HP Pump
  • 30-40 Jets
  • LED Waterfall
  • Lounge Seating

Why Berkeley™ Is a Top Hot Tub for Small Spaces

The Berkeley™ is one of the smallest Sundance tubs available. Its efficient seating design makes it possible to fit more people into a smaller space. It comfortably seats up to six while only measuring 78’ x 78’ x 36’. Being available in both 120v and 240v also provides flexibility in its placement.

Brook™ by Sundance® Spas

  • Plug and Play 120V or 240V
  • 2-Speed, 2.0 HP Pump
  • 30-40 Jets
  • LED Waterfall
  • Lounge Seating

Why Brook™ Is a Top Hot Tub for Small Spaces

The Brook™ is another excellent choice for smaller areas. It measures 78’ x 78’ x 36’ and seats up to six people thanks to its efficient seating design while providing flexibility in placement with both 120v and 240v model availability.

Paisley™ by Sundance® Spas

  • Plug and Play 120V or 240V
  • 2-Speed, 2.0 HP Pump
  • 30-40 Jets
  • LED Waterfall
  • Lounge Seating

Why Paisley™ Is a Top Hot Tub for Small Spaces

The Paisley™ delivers great functionality in a small package. It seats up to five with a minimal footprint of 78’ x 68’ x 32’. Like other Sundance spas, the efficient design allows for more people in a smaller space. It is also available in both 120v and 240v, making placement of the Paisley™ more flexible. 

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