There are many ways to enhance your hot tub experience through accessories, big and small. And the thing about some of these accessories is that once you’ve experienced them, you’ll have trouble imagining a world without them. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your hot tub with some must-have accessories, then check out this easy guide for some of the best ones available.

Cover Caddy

It’s critical to keep a high-quality cover on your hot tub when you’re not using it if you want to keep your water clean and clear and your energy bills from shooting through the roof. However, it can be a big pain to stow your cover when the hot tub is in use, and oftentimes it winds up getting dirt, grass, and other debris on it, which then winds up in your hot tub if you’re not careful. 

The Cover Caddy solves that issue with ease. This simple cover lift uses a spring to help you cover and uncover your hot tub in the blink of an eye, and it keeps your cover safely stowed right next to the spa when it’s in use.


If you’re looking to take your hot tub cover to a whole new level, then you should take a look at the Smartop™. These cutting-edge covers address every common issue of the standard vinyl cover. It’s non-absorbent, durable, long-lasting, and able to weather the elements. It also retains heat with incredible efficiency, and it doesn’t require any maintenance at all. 

Smartops™ come with a convenient hydraulic cover lifter as well. This mechanism helps you stow away your cover when using your spa and then easily cover it back up when you’re ready to get out. The efficient materials used in the cover allow for a slim design that only requires 28 inches behind your spa to be safely stored.


It’s not uncommon for your spa time to be accompanied by a few drinks, which unfortunately means that spills are bound to happen from time to time. Getting sugary or alcoholic drinks in your spa can cause a variety of issues, including foamy or cloudy water. 

But you shouldn’t have to forego beverages altogether in order to avoid these issues, right? With the SpaCaddy, you don’t. This easy-to-install, sturdy, adjustable tray offers a secure place to keep your drinks, snacks, and anything else you’d like to have by you in the spa but were too worried it’d wind up in the water.


Your hot tub needs a level surface to rest on, and your feet need a clean and smooth surface to step on before you hop in the tub for a soak. The SmartDeck solves both of those problems at once. This locking panel system gives you a fast and easy way to create a strong base for your tub and a comfortable runway for your feet.


You want to keep your spa’s water as clean as possible, but you want to keep your spa area clean, too. So then, where do you store your chemicals and supplies? 

With the SmartDrawer, you can keep your hot tub supplies conveniently stored out of sight in drawers that fit beneath the SmartStep and SmartStep Jr. hot tub stairs. You’ll always have what you need to keep your hot tub in running order right there without the need for clutter.

SmartTub® System

Ensuring that your hot tub remains as luxurious and relaxing as possible is not necessarily a luxurious and relaxing task. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of work necessary to maintain your spa. One of the best among them is the SmartTub® System

The SmartTub® System connects you with your hot tub through an app on your smart device anywhere you have service. From the app, you can control and monitor various aspects of your spa. 

Adjust your hot tub’s functions, set up an automated usage schedule, track and optimize energy use, detect issues, and schedule maintenance, all with some easy-to-use software right on your phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Hot Tub Accessories From Great Bay Spa & Sauna

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