Whenever you make a big purchase, you want to do everything you can to make sure that you’re making the right decision.

When you buy a house, you tour the home first to make sure everything is as advertised. When you buy a car, you give it a test drive to see how it feels out on the road. But can you do this with a hot tub or home spa?

Sure, maybe it’s not as expensive as a house, but a hot tub is a considerable investment. You want to choose a hot tub from a great brand like Sundance®️ Spas that suits your needs, rather than settling for second-best.

To make sure that never happens to you, we highly recommend you ask your hot tub dealer to allow you to give the model you’ve got your eye on a wet test.

But what exactly is a wet test, and how can it help you make the best possible purchase decision with your hot tub or spa? Read on to find out.

What is a Wet Test?

During a hot tub wet test, your hot tub dealer will fill the model you’re interested in with water and heat it up so that you can give it a test soak. This is really the only way to get an accurate idea of all of the features your hot tub has to offer.

With a wet test, you can get a feel for the seating and the quality of the jets. Wet tests are standard practice with all reputable hot tub dealers, and they are an opportunity you should not pass over.

The Advantages of Taking a Test Soak

You may be reluctant to go through the trouble of testing out a hot tub before you buy it, but it’s well worth your time. A wet test offers the following undeniable benefits:

Making a More Accurate Assessment

Looking into a dry tub from the outside, or even sitting in one, is a far cry from what you’ll be able to learn by taking a quick 10–15 minute dip into a filled and operating hot tub.

You might be surprised at how different each hot tub model can be in terms of comfortability, jet strength, and features. The best way to make sure that the model you select is right for you is to try it out first.

Testing Out All the Features

How well will your hydrotherapy session go in your model of choice’s lounge seats? What about the therapy seats? How well do those Fluidix®️ jets massage your back? You can’t know unless you go for a test soak!

Helping You Make the Best Purchase Decision

If you buy a home after simply looking through the windows to see what was inside, you’re likely to find more than a few things you didn’t expect once you finally go in and look around. The same goes for hot tubs.

Get in that hot tub and see how it feels. You’re much more likely to feel great about your investment in the long run.

Schedule Your Test Soak

Ready to jump in and soak? You can download our Sundance® Spa Buyers Guide to learn about our products before your visit.

Then, if you’re interested in giving that hot tub you’ve had your eye on a wet test, schedule a test soak appointment with Great Bay Spa & Sauna today!