A hot tub adds an element of luxury to any backyard, regardless of its size. A quick soak after a long day at work can help ease tense muscles, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and ensure a deeper, sounder sleep at night. Hot tubs also make great intimate spaces to spend an evening with a partner or a close friend.

Whether you’ve got a limited budget or a cozy outdoor space, a two-person or three-person hot tub can be an ideal option. Here are some of the primary reasons many of our clients select a two-person or three-person hot tub for their homes.

1. They are Perfect for Small Spaces

Smaller spaces can be tricky to decorate and add functional elements to—especially when you’re working with a small outdoor space. A two-person or three-person hot tub can fit nicely into a small backyard. It likely gives you the opportunity to add relaxation and luxury to your space while still leaving room for a small conversation set, fire pit, or dining area.

2. They Encourage Intimacy and Distraction Free Conversations

Sharing time in a hot tub with a loved one is a great way to enjoy intimate conversation in an environment free from the distractions of today’s world. Without cell phones and television, you and your loved one can enjoy deeper, more meaningful moments together.

3. They are Easier to Maintain

Smaller hot tubs are easier to maintain than the larger six-person and eight-person hot tubs that are so commonly found in backyards. Less water to fill and drain means prep and clean up are both faster and easier. Furthermore, there’s less surface area to clean when changing the water in your tub. And with fewer components to worry about, you’ll find that maintenance is much less worrisome and time-consuming.

4. No Electrician is Needed

Many smaller hot tubs can be installed without the help of an electrician. This is because many smaller tubs are either Plug & Play or can be converted to Plug & Play. This means you can plug the tub into a standard outlet instead of paying an electrician or contractor to run a dedicated line. 

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5. Perfect for Couples

Whether you’ve just moved in together, you’re newlyweds living without children, or you’re empty nesters, a small hot tub is a great way to enjoy intimacy with your partner. A hot tub can become a part of your daily or weekend routine, giving you and your partner a place to enjoy quiet time together—sharing special moments and conversation under the stars.

Find the Perfect Hot Tub

If a small two-person or three-person hot tub sounds like the right choice for your home, contact Great Bay Spa & Sauna or schedule a visit and a test soak in our Portsmouth showroom. Our hot tub experts are ready to help you find a hot tub with all the features you love.