Potential hot tub buyers have a broad range of sizes to choose from, with tubs holding anywhere from two to more than a dozen people. Ensuring that you pick the right size spa is crucial if you hope to optimize your hot tub experience. 

Ultimately, though, the best tub size for you is not necessarily going to be a matter of personal preference. The higher the capacity, the higher the price, and the more room you’re going to need on your property. So how exactly do you determine the hot tub size that’s perfect for you? Take a look at this easy guide to learn everything you need to know.

Determining the Perfect Capacity

When you’re determining the perfect capacity for your hot tub, you’ll first want to consider how many people will be using it on a regular basis. Then, you should think about how much space you might like to have for guests, as well as how often you might actually put that space to use. 

You don’t want to invest in a beautiful hot tub only for you and your family to be fighting to get a turn in it. Similarly, if your primary goal for your tub is entertaining guests, it’s best that you avoid purchasing a tub too small to accommodate them. 

All that said, it is also common for people to overestimate how often they will entertain guests in their hot tubs. As a result, people end up wasting money on a larger size than they need. 

If you want to avoid this error, it’s important to ask yourself whether your estimations are actually realistic. How frequently do you host guests at your home? If it’s at least once per month, you might consider investing in a tub with some added space.

Other Capacity Considerations

You should always keep in mind that capacity estimates for any hot tub are just that: estimates. There’s no real way of determining exactly how many of your family and friends can fit into your tub without knowing how big or small they actually are. 

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While the estimates are generally accurate, they are not perfect. That’s why it’s important to consider the following when shopping for a spa:


There are different styles of seating available to you, and some take up more space than others. Loungers, for example, can be incredibly relaxing, but they can take up extra space and reduce the number of seats available. You’ll need to weigh how much you value a lounger over extra seating when choosing your hot tub model.


You obviously won’t be comfortable fitting more people than you have seats in your spa. In turn, you can safely assume that going over the suggested capacity isn’t a great plan.

However, you should also consider the heights of those using the spa. A group of people who are above average in height are going to have trouble fitting themselves into a tub even when there are enough seats for each of them. 

One last consideration is the potential for any kids who might use the tub regularly. You will want to account for how well they fit in your spa as they continue to grow. You and your family may all fit quite well now, but just a few years down the road, it may be a struggle.

Ensuring Enough Space

While you may want the maximum amount of seating for your spa — and even have the budget to make it happen — you’re still going to need to make sure you’ve got enough room for your hot tub to comfortably fit on your property. Before selecting a model, carefully measure the area where you’re planning on installing your tub, and leave yourself some wiggle room, too.

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A few other factors can also affect the space you’ll need to comfortably fit your spa. One of them is your wiring. 240v hot tubs require a dedicated circuit, which can affect the space you have and the potential areas where your spa can be placed. Another factor is the accessories you’ll be adding to the tub. Stairs, cover lifters, and more can all add to the amount of space you’re going to need.

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