Swim spas are an incredible investment for homeowners, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some common pitfalls you might fall into that could leave you with one you’ll come to regret. 

With that being said, work to avoid these swim spa buying mistakes to ensure you’re happy with your purchase for as long as you can be:

Being Too Price-Oriented

It makes sense to want a swim spa that isn’t too expensive, but there’s so much more to a swim spa than just its price. As such, it is far more prudent to instead look at the spa’s value.

Value combines multiple features of an item with its price. Say, for example, that even if you really want a particular feature with your swim spa, you end up choosing a less expensive model that lacks it. In that case, your purchase would not represent a good value for you, and you’d likely end up kicking yourself for not spending the extra money to get something you truly wanted.

Also, keep in mind the long-term costs. While one particular swim spa’s higher price might initially deter you, that model could ultimately prove to be a more cost-effective and energy-efficient option—making it a wiser overall investment. Some long-term costs — like those involved in heating the water or possible repairs — can be frustratingly high if you don’t purchase a suitable model. 

At the end of the day, you deserve a swim spa that is well-built from quality parts, so don’t settle for anything less. If the price seems too good to be true, it might be.

Forgetting About Placement

Owning a swim spa is exciting. So much so that people often get caught up in the bells and whistles and forget about practical things. You’ll want to have an idea of where you’ll put your swim spa to ensure it fits perfectly. 

swim spa filled with water

Don’t even consider purchasing a swim spa until you map these aspects out because buying one that doesn’t fit in your yard is beyond frustrating. It’s best to do the measurements before you even start shopping so that you can quickly rule out models that are too big for your space. 

Remember to account for space around the swim spa to ensure easy access and to prevent accidental collisions or discomfort when getting in and out. Even if a swim spa appears to fit in a particular space on paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. 

Buying From Wherever

Mistakes like these often stem from the need to save money, and while doing so where you can is smart, it isn’t when you choose to buy from any random dealer just because the price seems right. Purchasing a new swim spa is a significant investment, so you’ll want to ensure that the business you’re buying from has a reputation for selling quality products at reasonable prices.

In addition to checking the business’ reviews, it’s also good to note whether the company services its spas. If it only sells them, getting tailored maintenance might prove more challenging. Businesses that sell and provide service will have in-depth knowledge about the model you purchase, so it’ll be easier and faster to handle any issues that might arise.

Ignoring Installation Costs

As important as it is to not buy not something cheap just because it’s at a decent price, it’s still best to be realistic about other expenses. The installation costs are the most significant added expense, and they trip up many new spa owners, given that they can cost up to thousands of dollars, depending on the model.

swim spa in a backyard, surrounded by wooden decking and landscaping

Forgetting to budget properly for them could leave you wringing your neck. With that said, set aside some extra money for the installation and discuss what the associated costs could look like when you first buy your swim spa.

You may also need to save up cash for additional expenses that have nothing to do with the installation directly. These could be anything from making a concrete pad for the swim spa, setting up an electrical hook-up, or doing additional landscaping to ensure the spa fits. Whatever you might need, just remember to include it in the final cost to prevent yourself from sticker shock down the line.

Shop With Confidence at Great Bay Spa & Sauna

You can avoid many of these mistakes simply by starting your search with a reputable swim spa retailer like Great Bay Spa & Sauna. We offer various Hydropool swim spa models, sure to fit your lifestyle and budget. Reach out to us today to learn more about swim spas or to try one out for yourself!