There are many different types of pain: nerve pain, phantom pain, acute pain, chronic pain. To combat pain, many people will search for medical solutions, such as drugs or operations. It’s true that being in pain is no fun, and pain that lingers is perhaps the worst kind there is.

But there are other, more natural solutions out there when it comes to easing pain. We’ve compiled a list of massage tips and tricks to help you combat various pains of the body. Keep reading to learn more.

Massage Tips

Ever had a massage? Depending on where you go and how much pain you’re in from the start, massages can be exceptionally relaxing and rejuvenating. Have you ever given yourself a massage? Did you know that you can? The answer is yes, you can.

There are several areas of the body that hold more tension than others, such as the neck or back. Take a look at some self-massage techniques that you can try out:


A shoulder blade massage can do wonders for your posture.

  • Start by placing your right hand over your left shoulder (or left hand over right shoulder) so that your upper trapezius will be underneath the palm of your hand.
  • Using your whole hand, squeeze the trapezius a few times.
  • Then press down with each finger individually, starting from the outside and working your way in toward your neck.
  • Repeat on the other side.


Most people hold immense amounts of tension in their neck. Try these upper back massage tips to alleviate that tension:

  • Lift both your arms and place your hands on the back of your neck where the shoulders and neck meet.
  • Press down firmly and hold.
  • Gradually ease up after a few moments.
  • Roll your shoulders both directions a few times.
  • Repeat as many times as you deem necessary.

Lower Back

Your lower back deals with lots of pressure and strain on a daily basis. Try the following massage trick to help ease that pain:

  • You’ll need a tennis ball or the equivalent and a wall for this one. Start by placing the ball between you and the wall and pressing up against the wall to hold the ball in place.
  • Slowly move your body side to side, around, or up and down to locate more painful areas.
  • Once you’ve found a hot spot, apply pressure by pushing against the ball.

Couple’s Massage Techniques

If the techniques above aren’t cutting it, consider asking your partner for help. Often, another set of hands (that aren’t attached to your arms) can reach places and address the pain you can’t. Plus, couple’s massage techniques are great because you end up giving and receiving—at least, in theory!

It’s All in the Hands

For a good upper back massage, remember to keep your hands contoured to your partner’s body. Avoid stiffness in your hands. The best massage you can give your partner will be with hands that keep the fingertips and palms down, making complete contact with the other person’s skin. Keep the following in mind as well:

  • Knead and press for a shoulder blade massage.
  • Consider using a massage ball across the back.
  • Massage in circular motions.

Start Light

Moisturize and massage all at once! Massage oils and lotions are designed to make the massage easier and more enjoyable. And there’s nothing wrong with starting with a softer touch.

  • Use long, slow sweeping motions for relaxation. You don’t have to dive into deep tissue massaging right away.
  • In fact, start light. Then work your way into deep massaging if you, your hands, and your partner are up for it.
  • Feel free to use repetitive motions. It’s relaxing and calming.

When in Doubt, Hot Tub it Out

What if these techniques just don’t work? We’ve got you covered.

Maybe the best way to alleviate back, neck, shoulder, or really any other type of pain or ache in the body is with a hot tub. There’s nothing better to soothe pain than a nice soak in the hot tub. And at Great Bay Spa and Sauna, we offer all the products you need to experience ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Our saunas, hot tubs, and other products are great for individuals, couples, and even families in need of at-home remedies for physical pains and aches.

Contact us today to be on your way to relief from aches and pains.