With an in-home sauna, you can enjoy rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation from the comfort and convenience of your own space. However, with a variety of different choices in sauna heating, shopping for the best option can be confusing. By understanding what there is to know about sauna heaters, you can make the best decision when it comes to creating your in-home sauna.

Traditional Electric Heaters

As the most popular type of sauna heaters, traditional electric heaters are a reliable heating option for virtually all saunas, new or old. After years of innovative engineering, today’s electric sauna heaters have the capability to quickly heat anything from small bathroom saunas to large industrial saunas. Furthermore, advanced technology features offer a variety of control options that make heating and adjusting your sauna effortless.

Heat-Storing Electric Sauna Heaters

At Great Bay Spas, we offer an exclusive line of patented heat-storing sauna heaters that allow you to use your sauna whenever you want or need. Providing low, comfortable temperatures and high humidity levels, heat-storing electric sauna heaters maintain consistently warm rocks that, when sprinkled with water, almost immediately create the ideal sauna environment.

Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters

Wood is one of the most effective and traditional ways to effectively and efficiently heat a sauna. With a wood-burning sauna heater, you can take advantage of a truly unique sauna experience. The natural wood affords sauna enthusiasts soft, calming heat and steam, and the tranquil sounds of crackling wood. However, thanks to modern control technology, you can benefit from all of these elements without exerting physical effort. Best of all, low emissions, high-grade efficiency, and top-of-the-line materials make the wood-burning sauna heater one of the best on the market.

For more information on sauna heaters or to learn more about what type of sauna heater is best for you, contact Great Bay Spas, today.