Managing your arthritic pain is a daily struggle. While you have numerous therapies at your disposal, wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative therapy ready to use at home when symptoms flare up? 

At Great Bay Spas & Sauna, we know how valuable a hot tub can be when it comes to relieving chronic pain. That is why we help our clients find solutions within our store for every need, such as hydrotherapy, to soothe mild pain from arthritis.

So, how can hot tubs designed for luxury and relaxation also relieve joint pain and stiffness?  Hydrotherapy certainly has its benefits, including improving your overall well-being and quality of life – which we will go into more detail below.  

What Are the Health Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub?

man relaxing in Sundance® Spa - Great Bay Spa & Sauna explains how a hot tub can help with arthritis.

Soaking in a hot tub has numerous health benefits. Gently exercising in a hot tub can be therapeutic if you try low-impact workouts. For example, leg raises are an easy win since you can do them while sitting down safely—an ideal option for seniors who need help improving strength and flexibility.

A hydrotherapy class might occur in a large swimming pool, but a hot tub with a decent depth fulfills the same purpose at home. 

Think of how a human body floats in water. 

You have to keep adjusting and moving your limbs to stay afloat. A healthy person can quickly shift their limbs through water, but someone with arthritis can use the water’s natural resistance to exercise muscles and joints without doing traditional resistance training.

According to Healthline, other health benefits of using hot tubs and spas include:

  • Better range of motion
  • Less emotional distress
  • Lower insulin sensitivity
  • Better sleep
  • Pain relief

Each one of these can equally help relieve arthritic pain. 

But you don’t have to suffer from a chronic condition to benefit from hot tub exercises. Anyone can benefit by combining hydrotherapy with heat therapy.

How Does Heat Therapy Help with Arthritis?

Sundance® Spas Lounge Jets- Great Bay Spa & Sauna explains how a hot tub can help with arthritis.

Moving your arms and legs through warm water relaxes muscles and soothes pain. So, combining the soothing action of heat therapy and massaging water jets alongside moving your arms and legs afloat helps you get the most out of your spa experience. 

The heat of the water opens up blood vessels in achy areas of the body, soothing painful joints by allowing more oxygen to reach tendons and muscles. Applying heat packs to relieve arthritis symptoms helps a localized area of the body, but a hot tub warms the body as a whole – helping not only with the areas in pain, but those areas that may flare up later. 

A good hot tub allows you an opportunity to relax, but also exercise if need be. You have a tool at your disposal that might help relieve arthritic flare-ups so that you can visit your doctor less frequently. 

Hot tubs definitely soothe arthritis symptoms, and they are a great addition to any home. So, how do you find which hot tub is best for you?  

Finding the Right Spa for Relieving Mild Arthritis Pain

You have options when shopping for hot tubs, but in our experience, Sundance® Spas stand apart from other brands. Sundance® Spas’ manufacturing quality is clearly evident, even during a quick wet test – where you test the water, bubbles, and jet’s power in the showroom.

One of the most important features to look for in a hot tub is the power of its jets. Not all brands are equal when it comes to their jet output, but to get the full benefit of the massaging and soothing relief you get from a hot tub’s massaging jets, you need to make sure you get one with enough water pressure to loosen and relax stiff joints. 

Still, the main challenge is choosing the right spa at the right price for your budget. The brand you ultimately choose should have variety, and Sundance® Spas come in four series, including:

Each series offers its benefits, with some having more features than others. That said, you do not need every bell and whistle to get arthritis relief. That is why it is best to speak with a professional so that you can find the right Sundance® Spas hot tub to suit your budget and overall health needs. Furthermore, you can see which add-ons you actually need for your arthritic pain.

Visit Our Showroom for Professional Tips on Choosing a Spa

At Great Bay Spa & Sauna, we value our customers’ business and always strive to provide accurate, honest information. We believe an informed customer makes the right choice, so what are you waiting for? We’d love to speak with you in person about the benefits of Sundance® Spas.

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