Great hot tubs have great jets, but what makes jets “great”? Quantity isn’t always the answer. There are different types of jets that offer unique hydrotherapy experiences. To help you choose the right jets for your hot tub, check out this comprehensive jet guide.

How Hot Tub Jets Work

Hot tub jets are fairly simple, but they require precision to give you that fantastic massaging effect they’re renowned for.

They’re predominantly powered by a pump that pushes water through the plumbing lines and out of the jets.

  1. The pump sends water toward an air intake .
  2. The intake valve creates a carefully crafted air-water mixture.
  3. As the air-water mixture continues toward the jets, the piping becomes narrower and creates pressure.

By the time the jets are in action, they’re delivering the perfect mixture of water, air, heat, and pressure to give you a level of massage strong enough for you to feel, but not so strong that it’s painful.

The Different Types of Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub jets may all seem similar, but some small nuances between them can make a big difference.

Relief Jets

As you may have guessed, these jets are designed to relieve stress. They offer a medium level of pressure and are effective on a wide range of areas, and there are more powerful ones designed to target specific problem areas on the body.

Therapy Jets

Therapy jets target specific areas of the body with strong pressure to help relieve muscle tension. They can be used on your back, calves, wrists, forearms, and hands.

Pulse Jets

While other jets flow continuously, these jets have a rhythmic pulse, which helps to loosen muscles, relieve stress, and promote relaxation.

Oscillator Jets

These jets have a similar effect to a real-life masseuse, kneading wide areas of the body, relieving tension, and helping you relax.

Do More Jets Mean a Better Massage?

Not directly. While tubs with more jets absolutely can provide an amazing massage, that isn’t one of the main factors you should consider. As with most things, it is a much deeper subject that takes a bit of exploration. Purchasing a hot tub solely on the jet count will very likely leave you with buyer’s remorse.

What Factors Affect the Quality of Massage?

Jet Placement

Jet placement is more crucial than the actual number of the jets. Jets that are spread out in an optimal way are able to target different areas of the body without over or under-stimulating the region. But there is no perfect way to distribute jets. It is all about personal preference. That is why wet tests are a must for any hot tub shopper.

The Power of the Jets

Jet power, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), is an important factor to consider when purchasing a hot tub. The higher the GPM, the more powerful the jets will be, which can provide a stronger massage experience.

The Power of the Pumps

Since the pump pushes water to the jets, it makes sense that the power of the pumps would affect the power of the jets. The power of the pump is indicated by the horsepower of the pump. For example, a 5hp pump is more powerful than a 3hp pump if they are powering the same number of jets. Which brings us to the next factor:

Jet to Pump Ratio

The jet to pump ratio is an important aspect of hot tub design as it determines the power of the massage experience. This ratio refers to the relationship between the number of jets in a hot tub and the power of the pump that propels water through the jets. A higher jet-to-pump ratio means that each jet will be less powerful, resulting in a gentler massage. Conversely, a lower jet-to-pump ratio means that each jet will be more powerful, resulting in a stronger massage.

The Air-Water Mix

Some hot tubs use a combination of air and water to create their jets. The air-water mix ratio can affect the strength and intensity of the massage, so it’s important to consider this when trying to find your perfect hydrotherapy massage.

Jet Flow Controls

Many hot tubs come equipped with flow controls for the jets. These flow controls allow you to adjust the strength of the massage and are particularly useful for targeting specific areas of the body or for adjusting the massage to your preferences. These are crucial to creating the perfect hydrotherapy experience.

Which Hot Tub Jets Are Best for Me?

This is a question you’ll need to answer for yourself. While you may think, the most expensive hot tub is the best one, that’s not necessarily true. You’ll want to find the hot tub that fits your needs.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you become more informed on exactly what kind of hot tub is ideal for you. If you still have trouble selecting a hot tub, you can always reach out to us. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you.