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Swim Spa Owners Questions and Answers

Swim Spa Owners Questions and Answers

Updated: November 7th, 2023

How hot can my swim spa be?

The temperature of the swim spa is highly customizable to fit your needs. If you’re in the mood for a swimming workout, the ideal water temperature ranges from 85 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. For a more relaxing hot tub experience, you can easily increase the water temperature to between 90 and 95 degrees. And if you prefer a cooler dip, the temperature can be adjusted down to a refreshing 80 degrees.

What is the recommended maintenance routine/schedule for a swim spa?

To maintain optimal water quality in your swim spa, you should clean the cartridge filter every two to four weeks, depending on how frequently you use the spa. Make it a habit to test the water daily and add a shock treatment as needed. Additionally, it’s important to check the pH and alkalinity levels on a weekly basis and adjust them as required. Aim to give your filter cartridge a thorough cleaning at least once a month. As for the spa’s acrylic shell, it should be drained and cleaned with a specialized, non-abrasive cleaner for acrylic surfaces at least once every quarter. Lastly, for the longevity and cleanliness of your swim spa, it’s highly recommended to drain and refill the water at least once a year.

How is the water quality maintained in a swim spa?

In a Hydropool swim spa, water quality is a top priority. These spas come equipped with advanced filtration and sanitization systems that work continuously to keep the water clean, clear, and safe for use. The built-in filtration captures and removes impurities, while the sanitization features work to neutralize bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This dual-action system helps to maintain optimal water conditions with minimal effort, making it easier for owners to enjoy their swim spa without worrying about water quality.

Can the swim spa be used for other activities, such as water aerobics or relaxation?

A swim spa isn’t just for swimming; it’s a multi-purpose space where you can engage in a variety of activities. Whether you’re into water aerobics, boxing, or even a bit of underwater running, the swim spa’s versatile design accommodates it all. And let’s not forget relaxation—many of our customers actually purchase a swim spa solely for the calming experience it offers. With its customizable current and optional workout accessories, a swim spa can be your all-in-one fitness center or your personal oasis for unwinding.

What is the maximum swim speed or resistance provided by the swim spa?

The maximum swim speed or resistance varies depending on the specific model and type of swim spa. Hydropool’s resistance swim spas can generate a current with speeds up to 10 km/h, outpacing the average 6.5 km/h offered by other brands. This makes them a great fit for even highly skilled swimmers looking for a challenge. The current is fully adjustable to match your skill level, and if you opt for the AquaPro model, you can even set up interval training programs. These programs automatically vary the current speed, adding a dynamic element to your workouts.

How does the swim current or propulsion system work?

The swim current or propulsion system in a swim spa is a highly engineered feature designed to simulate a swimming experience. It generates a current of water strong enough to swim against, effectively turning the spa into a lap pool. This is made possible by powerful pumps and adjustable jets, which produce a water flow tailored to provide just the right amount of resistance for your workout.

Another crucial component is the water collection system. As the pumps and jets create a strong current at one end, the water needs to be efficiently collected at the opposite end to maintain a consistent and steady flow. This ensures that the swim current is not only strong but also smooth, providing an optimal swimming experience. The ability to collect and recycle the water efficiently contributes to the overall performance of the swim spa, making your swim as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Can Swim Spas Be Used in Winter?

Yes, a swim spa can be used in winter! One major perk of having a swim spa in New England is the top-notch insulation, which lets you use it all year round. In contrast, traditional pools have a more limited season of use. Plus, heating a regular swimming pool can really add up, but the cost to keep a swim spa warm is a lot more budget-friendly over time. So, if you’re looking for extended comfort and relaxation without the high heating costs, a swim spa is the way to go.

Can Swim Spas Have Salt Water?

Unfortunately, Hyrdopool stopped making salt water spas. Hydropool made and sold salt water spas for years, but eventually ended up abandoning the method because a better way to reduce chemical usage was found. Most of the hot tub industry followed this trend, which is why today very few salt water hot tubs are sold and few hot tub companies offer them. That said, anyone looking for a more natural aquatic experience, salt water spas are worth considering. 

Can Swim Spas Be Moved?

If you’re in New England and considering adding a water feature to your property, swim spas have a bunch of perks. One big plus is that they’re super easy to install. They’re self-contained and usually don’t need a special permit from the town. This cuts down on red tape and expenses. Plus, they won’t bump up your property taxes like a traditional pool might.

Thinking of selling your home down the line? A swim spa might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the cool thing is you can take it with you when you move. It’s portable, so if the next owner isn’t into it, no problem—you can just relocate it to your new place.

Can Swim Spa Be Put In Ground?

Yes, swim spas can typically be installed both above ground and inground, but just like anything there are installation guidelines that must be followed. Just like any cement pad, it’s crucial to not be sloped and to ensure a level and stable foundation for the spa to be planted on before it is installed. It’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s installation guide for specific instructions and requirements related to inground installation to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

How long do swim spas last?

If you take good care of it, your swim spa will last more than 20 years. Hydropool swim spas are renowned for their durability because they are crafted with precision and high-quality materials. Their construction involves heavy-duty acrylic shells, corrosion-resistant frames, and advanced insulation (built to withstand a Canadian and New England winter), ensuring resilience against harsh weather conditions and extended longevity. Rigorous quality control measures and innovative engineering come together for a design that is built to withstand the test of time.