Living in New Hampshire, it may seem like installing a swimming pool isn’t the best idea. Summers are hot, but don’t last long, and the winters are rough. Portsmouth actually averages 53 inches of snow per year, well above the US average. That’s a lot of snow in a long, cold winter where you can’t swim.

As an alternative to a traditional swimming pool, a swim spa provides you with a more affordable and versatile option. They can stand above, or get installed into the ground. Swim spas usually cost around $10,000 less than a standard pool. Installation takes just days instead of weeks. Built-in jets allow you to swim laps in place without having to turn and go from one end to the other. 

Lined and heated like a hot tub, swim spas are typically low-maintenance. You can also use them year-around, even in New England’s harsh winters.

Swim Spa by Hydropool

Swim spa benefits

Not only do swim spas hold up in any kind of weather, they offer health benefits as well. A great source for exercise, swim spas can help you get in a complete workout. All this without leaving your home or having to purchase a variety of expensive gym equipment. You can say good-bye to that unused gym membership! Just hop in your swim spa each day to workout without putting too much strain on your joints. A great cardio workout, swimming can help your heart as well as your muscles. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Water-based exercise can help people with chronic diseases.” 

Swim spas provide the perfect place to unwind and give your entire body time to relax. If you suffer from arthritis, the warm water can soothe inflammation. If you’re like most people and end the day with muscle tightness or aches and pains from regular stress, a soak in a swim spa can finally get you to loosen up. This is because the hot water increases blood flow to the skin, which is both therapeutic and reinvigorating, much like how you feel when you sit in the bright sunshine and warm up.

Hydropool Swim Spas

At Great Bay Spa & Sauna, Hydropool swim spas provide an all-in-one solution for those New Englanders looking for a way to swim year round. Completely self-contained, they’re easier to install and only require an electrical connection. Heating them is efficient and cost-effective. A variety of models and colors are available to help you find the perfect option.

If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, Great Bay offers a try before you buy option. Three hot tubs and one swim spa are filled, heated and ready for you to use. All you need to bring to the showroom is your swimsuit.

New Hamshire Swim Spa near Portsmouth NH

Swim spa cost breakdown

Swim spa prices vary based on the size and features your ideal unit includes. On average, a high-quality, durable swim spa costs $25,000. You then have lesser, additional costs for installation and accessories. This can include the cost of chemicals, a spa cover, and infrequent maintenance costs. You’ll also see an increase in your water and electricity bills to fill and run the swim spa. It’s important to accurately budget for the complete cost of owning a swim spa before making your initial purchase to ensure you can continue to enjoy the added luxury of an always-ready, heated swimming space.

Great Bay Spa & Sauna makes every effort to offer the best possible price on all our products. If you find the same item priced lower at one of our New England competitors, we will match or even beat their price.

Track down ways to save 

If the full-cost price tag of owning a swim spa makes you a little uncomfortable, don’t worry. You can still become a swim spa owner by shopping sales and finding businesses that offer additional incentives to help you save some money.  Many sales in this industry are for high-quality hot tubs and swim spas that companies simply need to clear out of their showroom to make way for new stock.

Additional savings on already discounted swim spas can come through add-ons you can get such as: 

  • Free delivery
  • A free spa cover
  • Plus a free chemical kit
  • Long-term customer support

Great Bay Spa & Sauna offers its customers access to a loyalty program that can get you up to 20 percent off chemicals, filters and accessories. They also have a referral program that nets you a $100 credit every time someone you refer makes a hot tub or swim spa purchase.

Man swimming in swim spa in New Hampshire

Start shopping

Now that you know the right swim spa for you is out there and it’s something you can purchase in a way that best fits your budget, it’s time to start shopping. For your swim spa needs, there is only one place to go if you live in or near Portsmouth, New Hampshire — Great Bay Spa & Sauna. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom.