Hydropool Swim Spas In Portsmouth, NH

If you are thinking about installing a swimming pool in a climate like ours in New Hampshire, you should consider the many advantages of a Hydropool Swim Spa. They are the perfect “swimming pools” for New Hampshire and offer a wide range of models to suit your needs.

The Best Hydropool Swim Spas on the Market

Hydropool Swim Spas are all-in-one solutions that let you enjoy many aquatic activities. With your swim spa, you can have year-round access to swimming, jogging, water aerobics, family play time, or just cooling off on a hot summer day.

Hydropool Swim Spas located in Portsmouth, NH are completely self-contained and, thus, require only an electrical connection and a proper base for complete installation. Since they are smaller than traditional swimming pools, they require fewer chemicals to maintain water quality and far less energy to heat. In fact, all Hydropool Swim Spas are insulated at the factory with heat-retaining foam on the backside of the interior acrylic surface. This, combined with a rigid, insulating cover, brings the cost of heating down to a fraction of what it costs to heat a swimming pool, making Hydropool Swim Spas the perfect solution for cold climates. (For an in-depth comparison of swimming pools vs. swims spas, check out our Pool & Swim Spas page.)

Installation Options for Hydropool Swim Spas in Portsmouth, NH

Above-ground: All Hydropool Swim Spas come standard with a solid-state frame, Everlast composite cabinet, and insulated locking cover, making them ready to be dropped off in your yard. Once the electrical connection has been made, just add water!

In-ground: Hydropool Swim Spas can be ordered with their exclusive, back-fillable frame that makes in-ground installations easy while leaving access for servicing the equipment. Some people opt to completely submerge their swim spas into the ground, while others choose to install them with part of the tub exposed for easier entry and exit.

Indoors: When installing your Hydropool Swim Spa inside, order the swim spa without the cabinet and you can design your own surround! We also have several choices of covers to make using the swim spa as easy as possible while keeping the moisture in the swim spa, where it belongs.

Contact us to explore options and find the right Hydropool Swim Spa in Portsmouth, NH for you.


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