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Is a Smaller Hot Tub more efficient?

Is a Smaller Hot Tub more efficient?

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While the size of your hot tub may not directly impact its power consumption, there are other factors that can affect how much energy your hot tub uses. The number of pumps and jets that your hot tub has, as well as the type of technology it employs, (SmartTub®), can all play a role in how much energy it consumes.

For example, two hot tubs of different sizes may have the same number of pumps and jets and be configured in the same way, but if one of them is equipped with a SmartTub® system, it may be more energy efficient than the other. This is because the SmartTub® app allows you to control energy savings, filtration, temperature, lighting, jets, and more— all of which can impact operating costs.

One way to compare the power consumption of different hot tubs is to look at their operating costs. For example, if two hot tubs have similar pump and jet configurations but different sizes, their operating costs may be similar even though their size is different. The Sundance® Spas Marin® and Sundance® Spas Cameo® are both examples of hot tubs with similar operating costs despite being different sizes.