Hot tubs have been proven to improve your health in a number of ways. They can help you relax, relieve stress, improve sleep, alleviate joint and muscle pain, and improve heart health.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of these benefits regardless of the climate you live in. For those who want the best outdoor hot tub for cold climates, make sure to look for the features listed below when choosing your spa.

How to Choose the Best Hot Tubs for Cold Climates

If you live in a cold climate, the most important feature you want in a hot tub is energy-efficiency. Since the air around the hot tub is so cold, the hot tub will have to work harder to maintain its warm temperature, and you’ll be paying more to keep it running. However, energy-efficient hot tubs, like the ones from Sundance® Spas, are designed to thrive even in cold weather. Some important features that help make a hot tub energy efficient are described below.

Hot tub winter


Traditionally, hot tubs have been built using hundreds of feet of pipes and tubing to get the water heated and into the jets. Sundance® Spas has designed a more efficient model with 90% less plumbing, which means significantly less energy is used to heat and transfer water. When looking for the best outdoor hot tub for cold climates, be sure to ask about the water delivery system.


Another important factor in energy-efficiency is the insulation used to retain heat in the hot tub. Hot tubs are built using either a perimeter insulation system or a full-foam insulation system. Studies have shown that a full-foam system is 2 to 4 times more effective than a perimeter system, which is crucial for hot tubs in cold climates.


The cover you use on your outdoor hot tub needs to be durable and tough so it can hold up against strong winds or heavy snowfall. Make sure your cover fits snugly and keeps the cold air out. Usually, the best way to get a tight-fitting cover is to go directly through the manufacturer.


Look for high-quality framing materials like an ABS frame and avoid wood or metal frames as they are prone to rot and rust when they come in contact with rain or snow. This is particularly important when choosing a hot tub that will withstand the elements of cold climates.

Personal Health Needs

When choosing the best hot tubs for you, you’ll want to be sure and consider any health needs you or a family member may have. Choose a spa with the appropriate features or specifically placed jets to treat things like back or neck injuries, or choose one with room to perform therapeutic exercises.

Check Online Reviews

Another great way to know whether the hot tub of your choice will stand up against the cold weather and meet your health needs is to check user ratings and reviews.

Try a Test Soak

Many hot tub dealers now provide an opportunity for customers to try the hot tubs before buying. Schedule a test soak at Great Bay Spa & Sauna today to see if an energy-efficient hot tub from Sundance® Spas is right for you.