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ClearRay® Replacement Bulb

Brand: Sundance® Spas

Product Description

This is an OEM ClearRay® Bulb and not an aftermarket knockoff. Yearly replacement is required to maintain effectiveness of the ClearRay® System. Your ClearRay® Bulb is generally installed in the front right corner of your hot tubs equipment bay. On some Sundance® Spas, J-500 Collection Hot Tubs, and 2016+ J-300 & J-400 Collection hot tubs, you will find your ClearRay® installed near the front, center of your spa’s equipment bay.

Price: $131


Replacement is simple:Power down your hot tubLocate your models ClearRay® Bulb within your equipment bayIf you are also going to clean the quartz tube that your ClearRay® Bulb is housed inside of, then it is easiest to drain your hot tub. In some cases it may be acceptable to clamp off the 3/4" plumbing lines feeding your ClearRay® system.Remove the face plate to your ClearRay® BulbRemove the protective boot and unplug your ClearRay® Bulb. Please note: Your ClearRay® Bulb should be recycled at an appropriate location. You can do this at your local Jacuzzi® or Sundance® retailer, select Home Depots, and select Best buysYour quartz tube should be cleaned at least every other year for light users and every year for heavy users. If doing so, mark the stainless steel retaining nut with a marker as well as the black surround. Then when you unscrew the retaining nut count the number of rotations so you dont overtighten when reinstalling.Remove the tube, clean, and carefully reinstall.Next, using the supplied glove, remove and reinstall the new bulb being careful not to touch the bulb with your bare skin which can leave behind oil that will damage the bulb.Finally reconnect the plugFill your spa and check for leaks before closing up the ClearRay® Bulb cover and cabinet

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