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Hot Tub Delivery & Installation Services in Portsmouth, NH

At Great Bay Spa & Sauna, we’re committed to a speedy and stress-free installation and delivery process. We are equipped with experienced staff and the necessary equipment — with the help of our all-terrain forklift, our Spa Dolly, or a crane — so we can install your new spa, sauna, or hot tub, no matter where you want it. We are committed to making your hot tub dreams a reality with our delivery and installation services.

We “Wet Test” All Tubs Before Delivery

In order to ensure that each and every tub we sell is in 100% working order before it gets to your house, we “wet test” it for 24 hours prior to delivery. We also install any aftermarket sanitizers at this time to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Prepping Your Space for your New Hot Tub, Spa, or Sauna

Before delivery, we go to your home or business free of charge to ensure everything is good to go. We can also subcontract construction and site work with experienced and professional contractors who we trust, giving your complete peace of mind during the installation and delivery process of your hot tub, spa, or sauna.

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No matter your needs, we have the tools, equipment, personnel, and experience to get your spa, sauna, or hot tub where it needs to go. To learn more or to schedule a delivery, fill out a short contact form.