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What type of filtration system does a Hydropool swim spa have?

What type of filtration system does a Hydropool swim spa have?

Hydropool swim spas feature a highly sophisticated water filtration and maintenance system that sets them apart from the competition. Starting with a pressurized filtration system, the setup includes a skimmer basket designed to catch larger debris like leaves and twigs before they enter the filtration unit. A secondary pre-filter works in tandem with the skimmer, adding another layer of filtration for smaller particles.

The circulation pump is equipped with an additional filter basket to catch any debris that might have slipped past the skimmer, ensuring that the water remains as clean as possible. Unlike many other brands that use suction filtration systems, Hydropool opts for swimming pool-grade filtration technology, enabling it to handle a significantly higher volume of water and debris without losing efficiency in water flow.

Moreover, Hydropool swim spas come with self-cleaning technology, including a floor vacuum that automatically removes sediment and debris from the bottom. This technology further contributes to maintaining high water quality and reduces the amount of manual cleaning required.

All of these features combine to make Hydropool’s system not only highly efficient but also exceptionally effective at maintaining water quality, offering both convenience and peace of mind to owners.