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Automatic Sanitizing Systems

Hot tubs and swim spas are personal luxuries that can deliver a unique relaxation experience. Hot tubs can be great for social gatherings and allow your guests to relieve their stresses too. However, it’s inevitable with prolonged use that you will have to deal with contaminants coming into your hot tub.  In order to help preserve the relaxing experiences of a hot tub, you’re going to need a way to sanitize the water. Great Bay Spas offers the best hot tub sanitizing systems in New Hampshire to help keep your hot tub safe.

Hot Tub Sanitizing System Benefits

Hot tubs can be affected by all manner of contaminants whether it’s bacteria, viruses, or any other substance that can cause unpleasant odors or unsafe health conditions. To make your hot tub experience a pleasant one, you will need a hot tub sanitizing system.

Sanitizing technology has come a long way from merely using chlorine and saltwater. Here are just a few of the hot tub sanitizing systems in Portsmouth, NH that we offer:

Other Sanitizing Systems

We also offer several other sanitizing systems that can be added to almost any hot tub, spa, or swim spa. Some of these options include copper ion systems, saltwater systems, and custom chlorine-feeding systems. Contact us for more information.