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Fighting Cancer Together

Sharing the Love this February

About 50% of the most common cancer cases are preventable, according to the American Association for Cancer Research. To mark National Cancer Prevention Month this February, Great Bay Spa & Sauna is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting cancer organizations through our Share the Love event. Not only are we offering a generous up to 30% discount on all our products, but we're also committed to making a difference. For the entire month of February, we're proud to announce our partnership with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: for every hot tub sold, we'll donate $500, for every swim spa sold, $1,000 will go towards pancreatic cancer research, and for every sauna sold, we'll contribute $250 to this vital cause. Join us in this special campaign and share the love today!

Great Bay Spa Donations

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Championing Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a leading organization dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer through research, patient support, and advocacy. With a mission to improve outcomes for patients and increase survival rates, they provide crucial resources and information for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Through fundraising efforts and community engagement, they raise awareness about the disease and fund innovative research initiatives. Their comprehensive approach aims to accelerate progress towards better treatments and ultimately a cure for pancreatic cancer.

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Understanding Pancreatic Cancer

Key Facts and Insights

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, often diagnosed at advanced stages when treatment options are limited. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, jaundice, and unexplained weight loss may indicate its presence. Risk factors include smoking, obesity, family history, and certain genetic mutations. Early detection and advances in treatment are critical for improving outcomes and saving lives. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network plays a crucial role in raising awareness, funding research, and providing support to patients and families affected by this disease.

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Hot Tub Savings

Relaxing in a Sundance Spa

Relaxation Redefined

Unbeatable Savings Await

Revitalize Your Health with Unbeatable Hot Tub Savings! Dive into the world of relaxation and wellness with up to 30% off Sundance® Spas. Plus, with every hot tub purchase, you're also supporting the fight against pancreatic cancer, as we donate $500 to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for each sale. Experience the soothing embrace of warm bubbles, and embark on your journey to a stress-free lifestyle today!

Not Sure What You Need?

We want to make sure you're fully informed about your purchase. Don't forget to check out our comprehensive Buyer's Guide that will help you choose the perfect spa for your needs. You can also find links to customer reviews and expert recommendations to ensure you're making the right choice.

Saunas on Sale

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Soothing Sauna Deals

Elevate Your Wellness

Sweat Your Way to Wellness: Saunas on Sale! Elevate your well-being with our exclusive sauna deals. Step into the world of rejuvenation and detoxification as you bask in the gentle, infrared light. And with every sauna purchase, you're not just investing in your health but also contributing $250 towards pancreatic cancer research through our partnership with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Turn up the heat and discover the ultimate self-care experience now!

Swim Spa Discounts

Relaxing in a Hydropool Swim Spa

Dive into Luxury

Make Waves of Savings

Splash into Major Discounts on Swim Spas! This Valentine's Day, make waves of savings with our exclusive swim spa offers, including up to 30% off. Dive into the luxury of a swim spa and create unforgettable moments right in your backyard. And remember, with every swim spa purchase, you're making a difference by supporting pancreatic cancer research—we're donating $1,000 to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for each sale. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your lifestyle!

Honoring Loved Ones

Honoring Jim Burson and Barbara Howland

In honor of Jim Burson and Barbara Howland, Great Bay Spa and Sauna is supporting PanCAN's vision to create a world in which all patients with pancreatic cancer will thrive. Every dollar you give funds life-changing programs and services for patients and their families. Because of you, patients and families receive essential services, resources, information, and support when they are urgently seeking help and hope. They need you now more than ever.

Patients and families need us now more than ever.