So many people want the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub, the health benefits of a lap pool, and the enjoyment of a backyard swimming pool. Unfortunately, not many people want to maintain each of these amenities, so they either compromise or research and discover that a swim spa is a perfect option.

If you’re one of those people, congratulations! Swim spas can bring hours of enjoyment, relaxation, and exercise. However, it’s essential to choose the perfect product for your household. Here are some tips to ensure you make the right purchase.

Consider How You Plan to Use Your Hydropool Swim Spa

Before you do anything else, consider why you’ve chosen to look at swim spas instead of more traditional options. What’s the appeal to you, and how do you see your family using this popular form of aquatic leisure? Here are some of the most common benefits and uses for Hydropool Swim Spas:

  • A kid-friendly swimming experience
  • A wave pool for teens and tweens
  • Exercise for people of all fitness levels
  • Open-water swimming experience
  • Training for swimmers and other elite athletes

If everybody in your household has different ideas, that’s okay. Hydropool has products that will work for everyone.

Learn About Hydropool Swim Spas Features

Now it’s time to study your options. Check out the Hydropool Buyer’s Guide or a complete look at the features of each swim spa. Here’s a quick overview of the most attractive features.

Aquatic Collection

If you are looking for a versatile option, this is the collection for you. The Aquatic Collection will meet the needs of the recreational swimmer, the swimmer interested in getting a bit of exercise, or anyone who simply wants to relax in a hot tub. Many families are attracted to its versatility and space-saving features.

Executive Collection

With this collection, Hydropool is offering a slightly larger swim spa. It affords users high-end features, including underwater treadmill technology, a wider swim lane, and hydrotherapy massage seats. This product is not only an excellent choice for family fun but also for serious athletes.

Play Collection

Hydropool has created the pool collection to combine the fun of a backyard swimming pool with exercise options for fitness enthusiasts. While this is the smallest of all options, most recreational users will be thrilled with its features.

For more information about the Hydropool swim spa selection, check out Great Bay Spa & Sauna’s Hydropool Swim Spa Page. You can learn more about the features of every option to make an informed decision.

Consider Your Financing Options

Hydropool swim spas may seem expensive at first. However, when you compare them to traditional pools, the price is quite reasonable, even attractive. Remember that this is something your family can enjoy for years and years to come. There are also financing options that will help get you into the spa you want at rates you can afford.

Find the Swimming Spa Your Family Will Love

Do you know what you want, or do you still have questions? In any case, we’d love to help! Contact Us to learn more or schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure you find the Hydropool product you’re looking for and that the installation goes swimmingly.