Personal Sauna with Blue LightSweating has long been a source of therapy across many cultures. From ancient Mayans all the way across the world to Finland, sweating to improve well being has occurred for thousands of years. Still used today, although more recreationally, personal saunas provide a perfect way to sweat the toxins out. 

In the United States, there are thought to be over a million saunas in use. The main benefits of a modern-day, personal sauna are to relax and destress, but the health benefits of sweating are more numerous than you may think. 


Personal saunas create a stress-free, private environment in which to relax. Unlike the sauna at the gym, you aren’t sharing the space with anyone else. You don’t have to engage in an uncomfortable conversation or feel cramped. You can truly leave your stressors at the door and have real, quality time to relax and detach. With a personal sauna, you can take a break from the outside world and let the experience dissolve your daily stress. On a chemical level, heating up your body and then cooling it off when leaving the sauna releases endorphins. This allows you to continue the good, calm feeling from within the sauna once you get out.

Circulation and cardiovascular health

A Finish study linking sauna use to cardiovascular health, demonstrated a reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular-related diseases for those who used a sauna regularly. Just using a sauna 2-3 times per week reduced the risk of experiencing sudden cardiac death by 22 percent. This is most likely because sitting in a personal sauna does a lot to support circulation and cardiovascular health.

When you’re in a sauna, your heart rate can increase up to 100-150 beats per minute, This is aligned with where your heart beats during moderate exercise. Keeping your heart rate up at this speed offers many health benefits. When your heart rate is up, circulation improves and the cells in your heart function better.

A faster heart rate improves circulation by widening the blood vessels so blood can move more freely throughout the body. This then aids in reducing muscle soreness and improving joint movement and overall mobility. A perfect way for athletes to address everyday aches and pains. For people with chronic issues like arthritis, increased circulation through the heat of a personal sauna is a natural way to lessen everyday discomfort.

Toxin release and weight loss

You can lose a pint of sweat while spending just a short time in a sauna. With that sweat comes the release of toxins that have settled deep into your skin. Since sweating is one of the best ways to force toxins like lead, arsenic or cadmium out of your body, sitting in a sauna for just a little while every day can help keep your body healthier.

As you sweat and release toxins, you’re also burning calories. A 20-minute sauna can burn up to 500 calories in fact, simulating a session of moderate exercise. Coupled with actual, regular exercise, you may notice weight loss becoming easier to achieve.


The health benefits continue

While relaxation and improved cardiovascular health are the two primary benefits to using a personal sauna, it can also help target symptoms of other health issues as well. For those suffering from psoriasis, a dry sauna can help reduce symptoms simply because the personal sauna dries out your skin. For people who have asthma, the heat in a sauna helps open airways, loosen phlegm and reduce stress, all of which can provide relief for common symptoms.

All the ways a personal sauna can benefit a person are yet to be fully researched, but the correlations between a greater sense of well being and using a personal sauna have been effectively proven.

Where to purchase a personal sauna

The two most important things when purchasing a personal sauna are the quality of your options and the ability to see models before you buy. For those thinking about purchasing a personal sauna in and around Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Great Bay Spa & Sauna meets both of these requirements. Not only offering a variety of models, they’re also able to build custom units. If you go custom, you’ll have the greatest amount of flexibility and design to create a sauna to fit your space. With over 40 years of custom-building experience, the team at Great Bay Spa & Sauna can craft a design that fits both your space and your budget.

For those looking for something that comes ready-to-install, Great Bay offers a variety of Helo models including:

  • Modular saunas — free-standing, and able to be installed almost anywhere, these saunas look and feel built-in with the flexibility of disassembling and reassembling in minutes. These models are perfect for people renting their home or workspace.
  • Infrared saunas — offering the same benefits as a traditional saunas, infrared saunas simply get the job done at a lower temperature. Penetrating deep through the skin to the muscle tissue, your sauna experience is just as effective without the thermostat rising as high.
  • Outdoor saunas — available in two series — Patio Series and Suburban Series — Helo outdoor saunas are portable and versatile and perfect to enjoy alone or with friends. Set one up in your backyard, alongside a lake or even use them to double as a pool house.

You’re even able to experience, first-hand both a traditional and infrared sauna on site, in a completely private setting, to ensure you’re purchasing the model that’s best for you.


Test out a personal sauna today

With financing options that get you into the sauna you’ve always wanted, Great Bay Spa & Sauna prides itself on making your purchasing experience as seamless as possible. You can visit our showroom to select the best personal sauna model for your home and go straight into creating a purchase plan.

If you’re looking for a personal sauna in New Hampshire, there’s only one place to go for the best products and name brands at the best value. Visit our showroom at Great Bay Spa & Sauna today.