During the past few years, swim spas have become very popular for some good reasons. A swim spa can provide the benefits of a hot tub as well as a swimming pool at the same time. They are not as large as traditional swimming pools, but are able to provide a way for a person to continuously swim against strong water jets that provide warm currents of water. A swim spa makes it possible for a person to get all the benefits of swimming, without ever reaching the end of a pool and turning around. 

Many people purchase a swim spa because it is an excellent way to exercise. The beauty of a swim spa is that it allows owners to regularly get a complete workout. Because of its amazing benefits, a person can exercise and not experience impact on their joints like running or walking. It is also an effective way to improve cardiovascular functions. When people use a swim spa for exercise, they find it so enjoyable, they seldom miss a workout.

When someone buys a new home, they may not have enough space for a full pool. Because of this, swim spas make the perfect option. They can be easily moved across the street or across the globe. Many people enjoy this option, as it also makes it possible to move the swim spa inside during very cold weather or into different areas around the backyard.

In some parts of the country, people deal with having hard water. One of the issues with hard water occurs when it is heated, the minerals in it form scale. This scale can stick to pipes and other parts of a swim spa. Scale build-up can damage the ability of a water heater in a swim spa to have efficient heat transfer. This can also cause the elements in the swim spa to work harder resulting in more energy use and parts wearing out early. Fortunately, any hard water problems can be controlled with certain chemicals and since a swim spa is smaller in size than that of a swimming pool, it is much easier to maintain. It also requires fewer chemicals to eliminate the effects of hard water.

When someone purchases a swim spa, they will be able to choose among a variety of options to meet their specific needs. Owners can install LED lighting, sound systems, a touch screen, and more.

Installing a swim spa is not complicated. It’s easy to install a swim spa in the ground or above ground. In all cases, installing a swim spa is much easier than putting in a regular pool. Since a swim spa is made of fiberglass, it makes it easier to install, as opposed to an in-ground swimming pool or assembling a pool that is above the ground.

Health Benefits
A swim spa is very good for individuals who have problems with their joints or arthritis. The warm water is very soothing and relaxing. It’s also perfect for those people who have physically demanding occupations. A swim spa can provide the necessary motion of warm water to help loosen muscles that are tight and sore. Many people find the motion of the warm water a form of massage that eases their stress from the day. Having relaxed muscles and lower stress may also give a better mental outlook on things. Swim spa owners also report that using it helps them with their sleep.

Individuals who own a swim spa feel they are the perfect combination of use and function. It’s a wonderful cost-effective investment for any home and great for anyone with limited space. They also benefit those who want quality exercise and/or relaxation. You can use a swim spa year-round as colder temperatures are no problem thanks to their numerous heating options. Now is the perfect time to get a swim spa for you home. Call or visit Great Bay Spas today.