Premium Features, Smart Capabilities, and Remote App

When it comes to spas, no one beats Sundance. Sundance Spas offers standard built-in smart capabilities, a variety of sizes and multiple shells, cabinets, and cover colors.

What other companies see as upgrades are standard on Sundance Spas – they all have premium features like UV-C, water sanitation and waterfalls.

Rated as one of the best spas for back and joint pain, Sundance jets are positioned to reach pressure points. The tubs provide a variety of hydrotherapy combinations that include deep tissue massage jets, muscle release jets, pressure point jets and relaxation jets.


Sundance Spa Features

Sundance Spas offer the latest in technology, with each element specifically designed for your spa for built-in quality and reliability. All spas come with features that include:

  • Intelligent controls that do more than adjust jets and temperature. You can regulate energy-efficiency and lock the spa for safety with the panel that’s easy to see in the dark.
  • Quick-release so you can easily access the drain and critical components without tools, which saves time and makes maintenance easy.
  • Exterior indicator light that allows you to check the status of your spa’s functions at a glance, with changing colors that indicate when your spa needs immediate attention.
  • Rigid BondTM shell lamination process that increases strength and thermal retention.
  • SunStrong Skirt®, a high-quality synthetic cabinet that’s low maintenance and durable.
  • Efficient heater with a heating element that transfers heat to the water, increasing thermal efficiency and resisting corrosion.
  • Quick DrainTM lets you quickly drain your spa with an oversized drain that makes water changes easy.
  • Relief for aches and pains. Many jets are adjustable, giving you an amazing number of options. The Fluidix jets on many Sundance Spas models adjust from oscillating to targeted; rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise, or stationary. You can control the flow, volume, and movement of other jets as well.

In addition, controlling the amount of air mixed with the water with the air control valves changes the dynamics of the massage. Conveniently placed massage selectors let you divert water from one seat to another to increase or minimize the water flow. The team at Great Bay Spa & Sauna can show you how our strategically placed and uniquely designed jets make the Sundance Spas experience the ultimate in relaxation and therapy.

Select models come with even more features like interior and exterior lighting and illuminated grab bars.

“We have now owned a Sundance Spa for almost 5 years and have enjoyed the comfort of:

A great product. To date, we have not found a hotel spa or other professional spa providing the powerful treatment and subsequent relaxation comparable to the Sundance Spa installed in our own home. Visitors and neighbors are impressed. Friends that have purchased other brands (spas) are clearly convinced that they didn’t get the best.”

–Mike and Marquita, MA


Control Your Spa on the Go with the SmartTubTM App

Tough day at work? Gym left you feeling sore? With the SmartTub, you have access to your hot tub anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone or tablet. With a tap of the screen, set the temperature, turn on the jets, turn on the lights, and all that’s left is to ease into your Sundance Spa and say, “aaaah.”

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication uses low bandwidth 3G technology and uses data packets smaller than a text message to remotely control and monitor your spa. Even when you don’t have good cell service to stream video or make phone calls, your coverage will still support your SmartTub System.

In addition, your SmartTub app, you can be sure that your hot tub will always be operating properly with these great features:

  • Monitor & Control your 980™, 880™, 780™ & 680™ Series Sundance hot tub remotely with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Simple operation with easy-to-use menus and advanced functionality for energy savings and convenience.
  • Instant access to control temperature, pumps, lights, filter cycles, settings, and much more.
  • Out-of-town mode to reduce power consumption when you’re away for prolonged periods.
  • Customize the operation of your hot tub based on your schedule of use.
  • Notifications for service issues or required maintenance.
  • Receive power outage alerts to reduce complications.
  • Adjust key settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature.
  • Alerts you when an error occurs so problems can be solved quickly. The app will alert Great Bay Spa & Sauna via email so that no time is wasted.

You’ll also have access to enhanced product knowledge and support. Your app will also remind you when it is time for key maintenance such as changing filters, CLEARRAY bulb replacement, and even water replacement. It makes it easy to keep your Sundance spa operating at peak performance.


A Spa for Every Need

Sundance Spas offer the following series, with a number of models within each:

680™ series

With seating for as few as two or as many as six people, the portable hot tubs in this series offer a classic hydrotherapy experience in addition to a variety of other options.

780™ series

Combining new technology with old-fashioned know-how, outdoor hot tubs in this series are a delight to use. Their low profiles and seating variety come together to create the perfect escape. Seating is available for as many as seven people or as few as two.

880™ series

The sweet spot in hot tubs, the 880 series features the best of everything Sundance Spas has to offer. This series has options to seat up to eight people.

980™ series

With seating for between five and seven people, the hot tub models in the 980™ series contain all the favorite elements from Sundance Spas.


Buy the Best from the Best

With all the benefits to your health and wellbeing owning a Sundance Spa provides, as well as immune-boosting potential, why wait?

Visit Great Bay Spa & Sauna to check out new, top-of-the-line spas as well as certified pre-owned models. The experienced staff at Great Bay will help you select the right spa for your needs. Our showroom is open daily, so come on by. We look forward to seeing you.

Make sure to bring your bathing suit to take Sundance Spas for a test run!