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What is the Play Swim Spa made of?

What is the Play Swim Spa made of?

The 13FFP comes with:

  • Pumps: 
  • A 4 hp motor, pumping water through 2” pipes wrapped around the swim spa
  • Jets: 
  • Two jets, to create a non-adjustable swim

The jet openings are oval, which flattens the water, making the swim less turbulent

  • Controls: 
  • An on/off switch controls the swim jets. 
  • For controllability, you can adjust the amount of air in the swim 
  • Shell:
  • The shell design features built-in hips, which eliminate any reflective way created by the swim jets. In many swim spas, a wave is created when the jets come on, as the water is sent down the spa before hitting a flat wall. That design simply creates a reflective wave coming back at the swimmer. Hydropool engineered the “hips” on the Play shell to stop that wave from ever occurring, creating an eddy effect instead, and creating a better overall swim.