It used to be if you wanted to relax in a sauna you had to visit a gym or day spa. With an in-home spa from Great Bay Sauna, you can get all the health benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. Now that you’ve made the decision to reap the benefits of a sauna at home, do you choose one that’s indoor or outdoor?

Indoor Saunas

Imagine walking into your bathroom and stepping into your own personal sauna? Many people that build saunas indoors put them in their bathrooms because the utilities required for saunas are already there, mainly water, power and a drain line. Here are some other things to consider in regards to an indoor sauna:

  • Privacy – You’ll have more privacy in your indoor sauna than you would outside since you can have a sauna session without leaving your home.
  • Size – One thing to consider is the amount of space. You are limited by the size of your bathroom and how much space you want to allow for the sauna.
  • Time – Indoor saunas are easy to install and usually done quickly since there is no need for major renovations.

Outdoor Saunas

There is nothing quite like stepping into an outdoor sauna on a cold, wintery day. Many people add saunas to their backyard area to take advantage of the natural setting. It can be very relaxing to soak in your outdoor sauna while you enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some things to consider if you choose an outdoor sauna:

  • Size – If you’re looking for a larger sauna to accommodate your family or a big group of people, the outdoors will give you more flexibility. You can even incorporate it into a guest house or pool house.
  • Location – Many people install outdoor saunas near a pool or hot tub to take advantage of their sauna during a pool or hot tub party.
  • All Season – Your outdoor sauna can be used during any season.

When it comes down to making the decision between an indoor and outdoor, its probably going to come down to budget, space, and your needs. Contact us today and we can help you find the perfect option for your space.