Owning a swim spa is beneficial not only because it adds luxury and entertainment to your yard, but also because of the relaxation and health benefits it offers. So what should you do to properly care for your spa and keep it working properly?

Check Water Regularly

Water is an essential part of your swim spa, which is why it’s so important to take the time each day to make sure it’s clean and chemicals are properly balanced. Whether you use your spa daily or not, it’s important to check the chemical balance since an imbalance in pH, alkaline, or chlorine can result in damage to your skin or the spa itself.

Clean the Filter

To keep your entire spa system functioning properly, take the time to clean your filter cartridge about once a month. To do this, spray off the cartridge, then soak it in a solution of water and bleach for about an hour. Rinse clean with water, then let it sit out to dry completely before returning it to the filter.

Shower Before Entry

At most public pools, the rules state you must rinse off before entering the water—the same rule should apply to your personal swim spa. This pre-rinse removes most of the lotions, oils, and other chemicals on bathers that will otherwise build up and throw off the balance of chemicals in the water.

Change Water

Depending on the number of bathers regularly using your spa, it’s a good idea to change the water every 3 to 6 months to help the chemicals work more effectively and keep the system clean.

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