The health and relaxation benefits you can enjoy while owning a hot tub are life-changing and worth taking advantage of for as long as possible. In order to do that, you’ll want to make sure you are preserving the life of your hot tub in any way you can. This includes hot tub cleaning, filter care, and a tight-fitting cover to maintain good working condition. Check out these at-home hot tub cleaning tips to learn how to properly care for your spa.

Clean the Filter Regularly

Your hot tub filter catches all the dirt, twigs, insects, and other impure elements that wind up in your water. After a while, it can become full or clogged, which prevents it from properly filtering your water and keeping it clean. Not only does it stop working at its best, but it can also damage your hot tub if not taken care of. 

To clean your filter, you can remove it from the hot tub and spray it off with a hose to get rid of most of the dirt and larger items. For a thorough cleaning, use a spray-on, fast-acting filter cleaner or overnight soaking cleaner. Check with your hot tub manufacturer to make sure you use a product that is compatible with your spa. You will also need to change the hot tub filters periodically.

Surface Cleaner

You will also want to clean the surface of your hot tub periodically to remove dirty spots, smudges, and germs. Use a surface cleaner designed for hot tubs to avoid interfering with the chemicals and pH levels of the water. It is also helpful to clean the surface when the hot tub is empty, though this isn’t necessary.

Complete System Flush

Even with frequent cleaning of the filters and the outer parts of your hot tub, there will be some dirt that starts to build up on the inside of the hot tub system. After a while, it becomes black and sticky and can cause clogging. It is also full of unsanitary bacteria. Perform a complete system flush every time you change the water to keep everything clean on the inside.

Hot Tub Cover

A tight-fitting, durable hot tub cover helps to protect the hot tub from weather and debris that could cause costly damages. It also helps maintain the water temperature. Clean the hot tub cover monthly using warm soapy water to ensure that the cover remains able to protect against moisture.

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